A little about me....

Hello, I'm Georgia Dunn!
Don't be afraid, I'm not really a bear. That's just a hat.

I grew up in a small town on the coast of Rhode Island. My childhood was spent playing in the forests and swamps surrounding our little home, bravely battling trees with sticks and outrunning imaginary monsters. I have been drawing for about as long as anyone can remember, and sometime in my late teens I began painting as well. I enjoy working in pen and ink with watercolor, and like to illustrate all manner of cuteness, adventure, and mythology. I love writing comics, and in 2017 my comic Breaking Cat News launched in newspapers nationwide.

In 2004 I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Like many art students, my degree sat on a shelf collecting dust for a few years while I went to work in another field for the little things in life--like food, shelter, and health benefits. After several false starts I settled into banking, discovering I had an unexpected knack for finance. By day I managed folks' accounts, researched bookkeeping errors, and filed fraud reports. By night I worked on my paintings and webcomics. Needless to say, I preferred the nightlife.

And then in 2010, my world flipped upside down. Five days after our first date my husband asked me to move to Seattle with him. On our third date we drove across the country together for six days. After years spent grinding away at day jobs in the Northeast, I finally found the courage to put my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts to work on the west coast. I began selling prints of my watercolor paintings on Etsy and in independent shops--and immediately loved it! Sales were slow to catch on at first, but after about six months they hit a steady pace as I learned more about running a small business.

We got married in August 2011, and had our first child in 2013. In 2014, we sold our home in Washington and moved back to Rhode Island. Around that time I began my webcomic Breaking Cat News based on our cats Elvis, Lupin, and Puck. We welcomed our daughter into the world in 2015, and my husband's work took us to California shortly after. In 2016, we returned to Washington (Ryan's work again), where we are very happy to be back! Now my days are filled with caring for our two children, cartooning, and painting (...And a lot of errands, chores, and every day life inbetween, lol!) Our home is filled with photos of loved ones east and west, vintage finds, retro gaming systems, three hilarious cats, toys galore under foot, sketchpads, paints, and scribbled notes. It's a good life.

My husband Ryan and I

In this blog I try to show the process of my illustrations as well as chronicle my daily happenings and ridiculous musings for family, friends, and fans of my artwork. I hope you enjoy it! I've kept this blog since around 2011, I believe! It goes back quite a ways. Some of my feelings and perspectives and how I'd word things now have changed, but some of the fun of keeping a journal-of-sorts is seeing the change and growth in a person. I hope it's for the better!