Saturday, January 18, 2014

Valentines for sale on Etsy!

The Valentines are painted, printed, and ready for sale in the shop!

Prices are:

1 for $3.50
5 for $15 .... save $2.50
10 for $25 $10

And I have 8 x 10 inch prints of the valentines for $16 available too!

Here are the designs:

I took a few photos of them in action for the shop, which was fun. I don't get to have too many photos since most of my pieces are just prints. These have me thinking though, and I may add some shots of my prints framed on the wall just to show people what they look like out in the wild, so to speak.

Luke's friend Ollie graciously modeled one of the cards....

I'm bouncing around the idea of possibly having a give away at the beginning of February. Win and print and a valentine, something like that! I'm still hammering the details out in my mind, but I like the idea and hope to make it happen! I'll give you more details when I figure them out. 

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