Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine Give Away!

Right now on Georgia Dunn Studio's Facebook page, you can enter to win a valentine and a valentine print on Monday! I'm going to chose one winner at random at 3pm Pacific time/6pm Eastern time on Monday, February 3rd.

Some of you may recall my ultra scientific method of choosing winners....


As folks comment on the Facebook post, I will write their names down and put them into the owl. On Monday, the owl will jumble them in his belly as I ever-so-vigorously shake him up and down. Then, when he feels "lucky enough", I shall draw THE CHOSEN ONE!

The details of the giveaway are on the Facebook page, but I will post them here too:


1. If you haven't already, like Georgia Dunn Studio's Facebook page.
2. Comment on the giveaway post on that page with which valentine and valentine print you would like, if you win!

That's it!

You can browse the valentines here, and the valentine prints here.

I have all the questions and rules on the Facebook page, so check out that post for more details. You should totally enter, though! Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, wouldn't you like to go big and get your loved one something awesome and free? Or, hoard a valentine and print for yourself? The valentines are 5 x 7. Pop them in a 5 x 7 frame, and BAM, you've got a baby print. Wouldn't you like an adorable baby print to hang on your wall?

Or, if you have pets, you get a human sized print and a cat sized print, to hang by your cat's tiny cat bed.

Why am I not creating pet sized prints for pets? Why am I not doing that thing right now? Sometimes thoughts like this cross my mind, and I'm like, C'MON GET ON YOUR GAME, GEORGIA!

This post is getting weird. TL;DR Want free prints? GO ENTER TO WIN FREE PRINTS

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