Thursday, December 05, 2013

Society6 sale, Chalkboard prints, and some Christmas pictures!

Man, I am just slamming you with savings! Every time you think you're safe, you lock eyes with me from across a crowded room and WHAM I shoulder check you straight through a pane glass window of savings. You go home, and you think you're alone, but when you turn out the lights I burst out of your closet in a blaze of discounted prices and incoherent ancient languages! Finally you settle in to relax with some television, but when you least expect it the screen cuts to static and I crawl out of the tv to ruin your furniture, while whispering into the recesses of your heart "Seven days... Of unbelievable deals at low, low prices...."

Okay, it's three days, now until December 8th. I've got another sale to tell you about, Society6 is offering free shipping and $5 off my designs if you use this link RIGHT HERE. Only that one will work to give you the deal, it's the super secret special speakeasy one.

This sale is through their site. It's a great chance to pick up any larger prints, totes, phone cases, etc of mine that you may have been wanting. I like Society6. Sales aside, I like them because they're where I buy artist prints when I look for artwork outside of Etsy. And I really like them because they just began offering kid's tee shirts and baby onesies...

...And you know I'm going to design the bejeezus out of those. When I get the chance.

The custom portraits have been a great success, thank you so much! I have done two runs of three at a time, and sold out each time. Thank you, thank you. I was even a little sneaky and accepted a fourth commission this last round and learned the valuable lesson that three really is a magic number. I was able to complete all of the commissions on time, but it was a little more intense than I could keep up every couple of weeks. So for now, I'm going to continue to stick to 1-3 at a time. With a baby to care for, time is tight as it is.

I'm batting around the idea of offering a second kind of portrait in the shop, but I'm not entirely sure. I have been doing these Chalkboard style portraits lately:

NOBODY PANIC. Faillace is my married name.

Picture it....

I had to include Mordecai.

This have just been one of those "playing around" projects I do from time to time, but people have liked them (especially the Golden Girls one) and it got me thinking about possibly offering family/couple/friends ones in the shop for $35. I'm not sure yet, as obviously they're a pretty big ink commitment.

Speaking of portraits, tis the Season, and we have a bunch! Ryan and I decided to take some simple family portraits for our Christmas cards this year. Our current preferred method is to set up our camera, turn on an auto click, and take about 90-150 pictures in 2-3 minutes. Then we look for the few good ones, and viola, we've done our part to murder photography!

(Disclaimer: I joke, I joke. A few years apprenticing under my father and then working as a portrait photographer in schools, theaters etc taught me some quick and dirty tricks about snapping a moment or two. Or 90-150. My motto became "shoot until you hit something". It's a phrase my Aunt Lizzie often uses meaning "Don't give up, keep trying, always keep trying". It's fabulous for photography and for life).

Our family.

Our family if we were a set of Russian nesting dolls.

Luke and my old friend, "Ho Ho."

We've taken so many "nice" portraits the past few days,
but this outtake is my favorite because it's Luke's current "SO HAPPY" face.

He mostly makes it when he sees the cats.

He really likes the cats.
(Puck's like "Nope. Nope, nope, nope.")


These aren't the only portraits we've been taking! We recently were fortunate enough to be able to visit RI, and Luke finally got to meet the rest of his family!

Nana and Luke! (My Mom).

Grandpa Dunn and Luke! (My Dad).

Grandpa Faillace and Luke! (Ryan's Dad).

Nana found a bear!

Great Nana Dee Dee and Luke!
(My grandmother, who, if you read this blog
you know all about how awesome she is :) This is her, folks!)

Four generations of my family.

Great Grandma Pauline and Luke! (Ryan's grandmother).

Four generations of Ryan's family.

Aunt Joanie and Luke!

I hope the holidays are going great for everyone! My friend Amy who creates beautiful acrylic paintings on a 1 inch x 1 inch scale (no, seriously, they're incredible) is finally offering her artwork to the world! Next time I post, I hope to share some of it with you, along with a few questions and answers with her about how the heck she does what she does! Tune in, they are gorgeous. You will not believe how many details she can fit into a 1 inch x 1 inch space!

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