Monday, November 25, 2013

Alphabet prints, chugging along again!

I created more letters in my "Alphabet Animals" series! Here are the letters I've completed so far:

Alligator in an apron baking apple pie.

Bear in boots and a bandana with a ball.

Crazy cat in a cape.

Deer in a dress with a doll.

Elephant in earmuffs, holding an envelope.

Giraffe wearing glasses and green galoshes.

GURL YOU FORGOT F! No, I didn't, I'm just skipping around a bit!

Raccoon with roses on a rock surrounded by raspberries.

Tiger in a tutu.

And up on deck in the sketch book:

Fox in a fez wearing flip flops.

Hen in a helmet.

Since I last posted these, I stopped hand drawing the letters and began laying them out in "Times New Roman", a favorite classic font. (And one of my "good luck" fonts, because I am a crazy person). Immediately, I felt much better about the prints. Freehand typography is only my thing if it can be a little sloppy, and I wanted these letters very crisp and clean.

Other letters and animals you can look forward to, (subject to change, possibly, since second guessing can sometimes be an artist's best friend):

Iguana eating ice cream.
Jack Rabbit in a jacket
Kangaroo flying a kite.
Llama eating a lollipop.
Mole with a monocle.
Narwhal in a nightcap.
Otter playing an oboe.
Penguin at a piano.

(P and O are so tough for me, and may have multiple options, because I love owls and peacocks so much). (And I hope the otter and penguin jam together, because that would be adorable. Maybe they can start a band with the owl and the peacock, called "Otter and the Birds").

Quokka cuddling with a quilt. Have seen a quokka? I'M OBSESSED.
Sloth in a sweater wearing sneakers.
Umbrellabird with an ukulele. (And possibly an umbrella BUT IS THAT TOO MUCH UMBRELLA? ELLA? ELLA?)
Vampire bat with a Valentine.
Walrus in a wig. 
Xoloitzcuintli playing a xylophone OR GETTING AN X-RAY AMIRITE?
Yak with a yo-yo.
Zebra in a zoot suit.

These have been a lot of fun. I'm hoping to possibly explore the world of self publishing with these prints, but if you're a publisher and would like to work with me and do it for me, that's great too. Even better, in fact. Since I've been told before that alphabet books are not popular for publishing (I mean, I get it, why would it be in a publisher's best interest to teach the next generation to read? WAIT--) I feel like striking out on my own with these might be my best option. Like Yukon Cornelius, in search of silver and gold....

I'm 90% sure this is what I would look like if I were a dude.

Either that's a great metaphor, or I'm really excited for Christmas this year.... GREAT METAPHOR, I KNOW RIGHT? NAILED IT.


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