Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm offering custom portraits now!

There are a lot of fabulous custom portraits on Etsy. For a long time I've wanted to offer my own, but I was not certain how to make them special. If you follow my art, you know I really enjoy illustrating animals, which usually works out pretty well because a lot of people love animals. And that got me thinking....

I've decided to offer custom portraits of people as any animal, in any setting they wish! What would do you mean? You might be asking.... Well, I mean this:

Otters in Seattle

Sloths in LA

Raccoons in Paris

Owls in Brooklyn

Penguins in San Francisco

Rabbits in the Country

A bear and her dog by the shore.

Foxes in Autumn

Deer in the Mountains

Badgers in Britain

I've known many families or groups of friends with a favorite animal; a mascot, a fuzzy representative, a favorite breed of pet, etc. Ryan, Luke, and I have a house filled with rabbit statues and fox paintings ourselves. I'm not certain how these will sell, or if they will sell, but for now I plan on offering three at a time to give myself enough afternoons to properly devote to each portrait should all three sell.

Each watercolor painting will be $50 and 8 x 10 inches (8" tall, 10" wide) on a piece of 9 x 12 inch cold press watercolor paper. The listings have directions for purchasing a portrait, but it's pretty easy. Once a portrait is purchased, send me an email with 1-3 photos of each person, their approximate height, any hobbies or interests you might want shown in the portrait, and what they should be wearing. I will then send you a pencil sketch within a week, and when you approve it I will ink the sketch, paint it with watercolors, and mail it to you.

That's it! If you'd like one, you can order a portrait here!


What if I want a portrait of my friends, not my family?Answer: That's fine! This portrait can be of anyone you wish.

My family is not what you would call "traditional", are you going to have a problem with that?
Answer: No way. I would love to paint a fun portrait of your unique family! If you're a grandparent raising your grandchildren, two Dads, two Moms, an older sibling raising younger siblings (as I was once), a son who stepped in to take care of Mom, or any other configuration of people who care about each other, I am here to paint you, not judge you. Please feel comfortable and welcome when dealing with me, always!

Why do you need a photo if you're painting my grandparents as prairie dogs?
Answer: Good question! Even though I'm painting your loved ones as animals, I still need photos to have a good idea of how they stand, carry themselves, facial expressions, etc. It's a transformation.

I would love one of these, but as actual humans...
Answer: There are many traditional portraits offered on Etsy, and that's where I would steer folks who would like a traditional portrait. I'll be honest, I don't like painting real people. Imaginary folks? All day long. Real people? Nope. The fear of getting someone's nose wrong and breaking their heart with an unintentional insult is all too real, friends.

I would like to be painted as a raccoon, but my girlfriend wants to be painted as a fox, can you do that?
Answer: Absolutely! Just please bear (ha) in mind when you choose animals their relative sizes. If I draw you as an elephant and your brother as a mouse, one of you is going to be really hard to fit into the portrait. So please pick animals that are similar in size.

Can you paint a bear as Dr. Who?
Answer: Um... Well... I mean, I can try.

What if I want a Dr. Who cat?
Answer: Okay, you Dr. Who people need to relax. Also, sure.

Answer: High five!

Have you seen 'Blink'?
Answer: Yes, it was amazing, but seriously, we need to get back on topic.

This will be a gift, can you send it to the recipient for me?
Answer: Definitely! Please let me know it is a gift either at the time of purchase, or in your email with the photos and give me the name and address to ship it to.

How long will one of these portraits take?
Two weeks, plus the time to ship it to you. I ship all of my work First Class through the US postal service, and it typically takes 2-3 business days to reach anywhere in the US. (10-14 business days internationally).

Do you offer any other sizes?
Answer: Right now, no. However, I may in the future depending on whether or not these are a hit.

If you have any other questions or Dr. Who episodes you would like me to watch, please email me at What do you think of these? Let me know in the comments section!

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