Friday, March 29, 2013

Self imposed maternity leave! Modern women, hear me roar!

I just put the shop on maternity leave about twenty minutes ago! And, of course, immediately had 3-4 ideas for the shop, including a painting. Isn't that ALWAYS the way? No, seriously, WHY is that always the way? Noon on a Monday? I got nothing. 3am on any given night or 5 minutes after putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode? The ideas won't stop flowing. Sigh.

I am telling myself to cool it though and relax. The baby is due on April 16, and we've already had three good signs that we're on track for labor. I won't go into them, because every sign for labor is kinda icky, but trust me, we're on our way sometime in the next 2 two weeks. And hey, if he stalls and it turns out we're not, they'll induce me five days after the due date. Am I still talking to you guys, or just reassuring myself? It's a little of both right now.

Even when I'm supposed to rest, I'm already planning one or two sewing projects, and hoping to get a little ahead in my Swan Eaters strips. I really, really don't want to put Swan Eaters on a break when I have the baby, but I am torn between knowing I don't have enough drawn right now and being just as sure that I will not be able to keep up with it the first few weeks he is here. It doesn't help that the comic is actually at a really crucial point plot-wise. I'd really rather not hit the pause button anytime soon. So, right now I'm trying to write and draw until I hit whatever wall is going to decide whether the comic goes on break or not (be it baby, exhaustion, or--most likely--baby exhaustion). Wish me luck!

As the next couple of months go by, if you really need one of my prints they can still be found in my Society6 shop here. Since they do all of their own printing and shipping, that shop can continue to run without me during my maternity leave. And rest assured, I will be updating this blog with sketches, thoughts, fears, joys, baby news, and the exact date my Etsy shop will re-open once I figure it out!

Now I am off to the post office to mail out the last of my print orders for a couple of months! That feels weird!

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