Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Bunny for Baby

Anyone who knows me well, knows about Bunny. I've had Bunny since I was a baby.

Bunny and I, aged 2.

Bunny was the Hobbes to my Calvin. She was my favorite toy and constant childhood companion. At any given moment she could be a blanket, doll, puppet--whatever the adventure called for. Sometimes her blanket was a cape and she could fly. Sometimes she had to sit very still while Nana stitched her ears back on. And sometimes she had to spend an afternoon in the washer and dryer. She didn't care, ain't no thang, because she was very brave. Bunny was so brave she was my sole protection against a witch I had reoccurring nightmares about when I was 3-4 years old. Over the years she became like another member of the family, the only one of us with satin ears and button eyes.

You guys, that witch was the worst. But she never got me, thanks to
Bunny and her right hand man "Bath Time Snoopy."

Bunny and I hanging out on the couch.

She was a big comfort, especially during whatever
tantrum I seem about to throw in this family album gem.

As I got older, the need for a security blanket grew less strong. So, of course you're thinking I packed Bunny away and moved on.


Yeah, that didn't happen. It's not like I took Bunny to work with me or anything, but she's stayed in my bedroom to this day. I brought her to each of my apartments, and she made the trip out west with me. Yes, I'm 31 years old. Yes, if there was a fire I might go back inside for her. No, I'm not ashamed. SHE'D DO IT FOR ME.

A picture I snapped in June last year when I had my operation.
Rhode Island and Bunny were waiting for me when we came home.

Bunny and I, when my hair matched her. 

When we found out we were having a child, I made a list of essential items we'd need. A crib, diapers, a stroller,... a bunny blanket....

(No, you're right, that would be silly. I guess I should just let my child fend Nightmare Witch off by himself? GET REAL).

I wasn't the only one jotting down "Bunny Blanket." Mom called a few weeks after finding out she was about to become a grandmother and confessed she had spent the afternoon trying to find an original "Bunny" on Ebay. Bunny was made by Fisher Price in the late 70s/early 80s and came in pink, blue, and yellow. Mom could find plenty (as could I, since I had done my own Ebay search the day the stick read 'pregnant') but the trouble is they're "vintage" now. And by "vintage" I mean "expensive".

(It makes perfect sense though, because Bunny is priceless).

These other bunnies though, were fetching between $130-250 and that's a lot for a blankie. For years I have made expecting friends their own "blanket totems" (as I've come to call Bunny and her people in my head). It was, in my heart, the best thing to give a baby after all Bunny has meant to me. I've made a penguin, a lamb, a llama, and even a white bunny once. So, after Mom and I lamented over the price of vintage in-the-box-bunnies, I made up my mind to make the baby his own bunny blanket.

And two weeks ago, I did.

Here he is, the night I made him.


I stitched the little guy together with the softest fabric I could find. He's cut from the very same material I made my friend Christine's daughter Lila's llama from, so technically I assume this makes their blankets cousins? Makes sense right? Right.

I embroidered his face to have blue eyes and a little pink mouth. The biggest difference is this guy does not have a puppet head. It makes him a little more solid, and will hopefully keep him from needing as many repairs as Bunny did over the years. (Not that they weren't all worth it. In fact, Bunny's need for repairs is pretty much why Nana taught me how to sew in the first place).

Ryan kept playing with him the first few days he was around, or going into the baby's room to pick him up and hold him. We both think "Rabbit" is a nice name to call him, and hopefully the baby will agree (though, he may call him something else entirely).

Rabbit waiting for the baby.


The master imparting her wisdom to the new pupil.
(I can only assume it's a lot of witch killing stuff).

How does my big, brawny husband Ryan feel about Bunny? Or me making our son a bunny of his own? You could ask Cookie, Ryan's buddy from childhood.

Who is also a bunny... How perfect is that?

There's no guarantee Rabbit will mean to our son what Bunny meant to me, or Cookie meant to Ryan. However, a cuddly hare feels like a necessity as we both ask ourselves the question "How can we welcome this little person into the world?" Besides the obvious measures like, "food" and "clothes." We all hope to give our children the best parts of our childhood, and for us it means long ears and imaginary whiskers to whisper to for years to come.

Two generations of bunny blankets


  1. Georgia, I just LOVE this story. I still have my baby blanket on my bed! My blanket was like your Bunny. :)


  2. Yay, Libby! I'm glad I'm not alone in my continued blankie love :) Heidi, that may happen, I've had some requests to make a few of these and sell them in the shop. I hadn't thought of it before (and who knows if I will have time to start sewing things for the shop) but it's on my mind now! :)

  3. If this would let me post a pic, I could show you I had my bunny on my wedding day. I have the same one you have, and have had it for 26 years!


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