Friday, March 22, 2013

500 Before Maternity Leave

Today I'm 37 weeks, or full term! The baby could arrive now and be perfectly formed and healthy. That means we've begun,... Wait for it.... Yes.

The final countdown! This weekend we're installing the car seat, packing a hospital bag, and washing many little, tiny clothes (and probably losing many little, tiny socks to laundry gnomes).

Next Friday, March 29th, I'll be temporarily closing my Etsy shop for a few months maternity leave. Right now I'm at 492 sales, and I would love to close it up on an even 500! So, if you purchase anything before next Friday and enter the coupon code "MARCH500", you'll get 20% off your order.

I know, I know, I should have called it "OCD500", but what can I say? I like milestones.

I debated whether or not to close the shop, even temporarily. Ryan and I even discussed him learning how to make and package the prints and taking over for a spell. However, talking to our new pediatrician yesterday really clinched it that even though I work from home, the baby is my full time gig for the next few months. I'm not certain how much time I will need to adjust to motherhood, but I'm hoping I can re-open the shop and start selling prints again in 2-4 months. I know some women are able to bounce back into work mode at 6 weeks, but I'm not really aiming to break any records. I'd rather just let the baby take the lead on this one. When he's got a routine, I'll start working mine into his.

So, if you've had your eye on any prints now is the time to order them, before it's July and the baby is all like "NOPE. NO ROUTINE. I'M A FREE SPIRIT, MOM." Visit the shop here, and enter the coupon code "MARCH500" at check out for 20% off!

And I promise, I haven't forgotten to share all the goodies I've been stitching for the baby's room. I'm just waiting to have most of them done, so I can share them all in 1-2 posts. So far I've made him a bunny blanket, (which is getting its own post for sure) a fox toy, a mobile, some toy bins, and MANY quilted/embroidered hoops for the nursery! I am hoping to finish one or two more toys before posting (and before he's here!)

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