Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We're having a....

We're having a boy! We found out yesterday, and we're thrilled. It's wonderful to know this person inside me just a little better. It's great to finally let folks celebrate, and let me tell you, apparently having a boy is like winning the gender lottery. At least to hear some of the reactions.

You would think Ryan was a king, and his throne was at long last protected against the barbarian hordes that surged against the gates as the peasants inside cowered in fear that their nation would pass to some weaker distant relation. But, no, lo, a SON! An heir! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE HAVING A REAL PERSON, NOT SOME CHICK!

That's only a very few people though; most are regular happy just as we are, to know and to begin dreaming of this little person. It's a great feeling to say and think "he" instead of "it".

In shop news, my sale this weekend was a great success! Thank you everyone! I sold 19 prints! It was a great start to the holiday season, I was really tickled. I spent this morning filling orders, happy as a clam.

The prints laid out and ready for packaging.

Ornaments I've been tucking into my Etsy orders for the holidays.

The backs of the ornaments, pinecones, snowflakes, and hearts.

One of my faithful assistants, Lupin.

Getting all the shipping materials ready.

Faithful assistant napping on some moving boxes.

We've got some truly hectic weeks ahead of us. If all goes well, we will be closing on a house next week and beginning to move. I'm struck terribly sad suddenly to be leaving our apartment. It's been the first and only home I've had in the west. I love the people in our building, our landlord is great, and it's been a sweet nest for two newlyweds in love.

The neighborhood nnnnnnot so much. As I sipped my tea the other day, gazing out my window and watching a shirtless man in a 'Cat in the Hat' hat yelling incoherently at the police, while struggling to take off his shirt and stumble backwards into a bush, I reflected on our time spent here and the many characters of our neighborhood.

1. Homeless Santa
2. Angry Meth Mom
3. Hateful Couple (they like to yell at each other in the tree under our window, at like, you know, 2am. They're great)
4. Fightin' Pajamas
5. "Guy in the scary clown mask and prom dress who rode his bicycle up and down the street for 20 minutes once." He doesn't have a name, because he doesn't need one.
6. Sir Yells-A-Lot
7. The Window Watcher
8. Officer Forlorn (he just gets yelled at when he responds to problems).
9. The Cat in the Hat (you've already met him).
10. Trouble House
11. The Unseen Cougher.
12. Tinted Windows Ice Cream Van

Elvis hates Tinted Windows Ice Cream Van

Remembering these characters, a change of scenery feels long overdue. However, our actual apartment tucked safely inside our cozy building with our fantastic neighbors, wonderful landlord, and locked doors has been lovely.

I'm very happy at the prospect of a home to call our own, of course, but if you've enjoyed a place you'll be sad to miss it, whatever great new change looms bright on the horizon.

One more bit of news: Today is my 111th birthday! Okay, 31, BUT THAT'S NOT VERY HOBBIT SOUNDING, NOW IS IT? I'm delighted as usual. Some people get really bummed out about birthdays, but how can anyone really ever get upset about a day when they get cake and presents just for being alive? I don't understand it.

Cake + Presents + Zero Effort? = AMAZING

That's a foolproof equation right there. NOW LET ME EAT CAKE!



  1. Just the news I've been waiting to hear! Congratulations to you both - just take care of yourself, now Georgia!

    Happy Birthday too!

    So, when is the due date - not that babies care about them - especially the boy ones, I'm told. He's going to have some lovely stories told to him as well as see some lovely pictures too. Lucky lad!

  2. Thank you, Isobel!

    Our due date is April 16--right around tax time here in the states. Ryan keeps joking about him being born before the deadlines. My mother is born on April 28th and a dear friend is born on the 11th, so we're wondering whose birthday he is going to join us in time for!

  3. Aw, thank you Lori!! I have always thought of you guys as family. :) Since finding out I'm having a boy, it's you and Preston and how close the two of you are, while still encouraging his independence that I have been thinking about and hoping for with me and my own son! You two have one of the best mother/son relationships I have ever seen, and it's going to be my model :)


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