Sunday, November 04, 2012

Nightmarathon's outcome, and the very hectic week!

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry I never updated you on Nightmarathon's outcome! It was a great weekend, full of games, fun, and spending time with friends old and new in person and over the Internet. In the end, we raised $3,412 for the American Cancer Society! We hope to do this again next year, and now we have a record to beat ;)

Hurricane Sandy played a major role in our week, even out here on the west coast. Ryan and I are originally from Rhode Island, and still have many family and friends there. Our pal Hollis had flown out from Massachusetts for the Nightmarathon. When Sandy hit, his Sunday flight was canceled and he became stranded on the west coast until Friday! We felt terrible that he was suddenly stuck so far from home, but we were also pretty excited to have him with us a few more days.

So, we spent the week catching up, celebrating Halloween, showing Hollis the sights, and generally taking it pretty easy after our 72 hour marathon. Hollis still managed to do homework for his classes, which I think is super impressive for someone stranded 3000 miles away!

Rhode Island was extremely lucky, especially compared to New Jersey and New York. My Mom and Nana lost power for a few days, but their homes are safe and sound. Narragansett was ripped up pretty badly, and that breaks my heart a bit because I love Narragansett so much. I'm still trying to find out if our little apartments in Matunuck withstood the storm. There are pictures of terrible damage all around them, but no photos of them specifically.

I hope all of you fared well through Sandy!

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  1. Perfect plan to hang out spending time with old friends while making new ones virtually over the internet, raising money for a good course from the proceeds generated so fulfilling


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