Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale!

I'm having a 30% off sale in the shop between now and Cyber Monday! You can visit the shop by clicking here.

I should really name my three little mascots, shouldn't I?

I joked on my FB page that I prefer Cyber Monday because anything you can do in your pajamas is automatically 10 times more fun. I think that's true, don't you? In the past I've been dead set against Black Friday. While I still really dislike the stores that bring their employees in for even one minute on Thanksgiving to prepare for Black Friday, I'm cooler with stores opening early Friday morning and folks spending their day after Thanksgiving hunting for great deals. I'm all about traditions and rituals, and I finally get that for some folks, like my cousin Cindy who told me earlier this month "Black Friday for me is like how you feel about Halloween", today is its own great holiday with its own excitement.

Not that I'm going out today, no way. I spent this morning snuggling beside Ryan under warm blankets, covered in cats. And then I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. It was awesome. I did some work on the shop for the sale, and I plan on spending this afternoon reading 'A Gnome's Christmas', watching Muppet Christmas specials, and checking out some of the sales in my favorite Etsy shops. (Because I don't just sell on Etsy, I also buy way, way too much).


  1. "anything you can do in your pajamas is automatically 10 times more fun"

    Truth. I spent 8 hours walking around various stores today IN MY PAJAMAS.

  2. Hmmmm, now that's one way I could see myself tackling Black Friday!


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