Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting ready for the Nightmarathon!

Only one more day until the Nightmarathon! Today we're finishing up a few errands; getting snacks, sewing costumes, carving some pumpkins--you know, essential spooky Halloween business.

The past few days we have been cleaning the apartment top to bottom. When you know your home will be streamed live for three days, you clean a little differently. And I can get intense when it comes to cleaning anyway.

If you know what I mean.

Our apartment is small, but with two people, three cats, five rodents, and frequent guests dirt can build up quickly. The last day or two I went full tilt Joan Crawford on the bathroom and kitchen, with Saintly Ryan's help when it came to harsher cleaning products and litter boxes and what not. I'm feeling much better about opening it up to more company; including folks sleeping over for the marathon. I can look around like Zelda Rubinstein at the end of Poltergeist and feel confident in our home again.

(Sorry both those clips looked home taped. WHY MUST ALL MY JOKE CLIPS EVADE YOUTUBE?)

Later today I'll be baking the first batch of cookies and roasting three pumpkins' worth of seeds--80% of which will possibly be consumed by Carlos and myself. (Gotta make them extra salty!) Other tasks will include washing linens and sewing silver stars onto Ryan's purple cape.

And can you believe he's NOT going as a wizard this year?

I found this googling the word "Wizard"
and had to show everyone I knew as soon as possible.

Oh, and I have to sew a 1980s sequined dress for myself--from scratch--not just because I am a craft sadist, but also because we couldn't find any 80s dresses at thrift stores to fit over my baby bump.

This baby bump!
(Note the bathroom torn apart in a scrubbing frenzy behind me).

How hard can it be to sew an 80s dress?
It's just a tube with a bunch of flashy bullshit,

Georgia, you may be asking, with so much to do WHY ARE YOU BLOGGING? Hey, I like to procrastinate, okay? Alright, off I go! Man, I kinda love days like this, when there's a dozen tasks to do and time for ten. Is that weird?

One more sleep 'till the Nightmarathon!

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