Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A new painting of Clover Hawker

I did a new painting of the albino child in my web comic Swan Eaters, Clover Hawker.

Clover Hawker and dolly.

"But Georgia," You may be saying, "You already painted Clover back in May." Yes, I did, but I wasn't crazy about how the painting came out.

Here's the painting I did back in May.

She doesn't look too dreadful, but she does look much more like the cartoon version of herself. I've been trying to do portraits of the Hawkers in my usual painting style and in the previous Clover painting, I did not hit the mark.

Her expression was off as well, it was too sweet. Clover is a sweet kid, but with her ghostly features and precocious intellect, she's supposed to have an intensity that is somewhat unsettling to strangers. She's being apprenticed by Grandma Hawker in magic, and she's very clever (she and her sister Salem may be the most clever of all the Hawker children).

Little better here....

Because of her albinism, she is the only Hawker child who does not have dark hair, freckled skin, and olive eyes. Instead she has very fair skin and hair and red eyes.

Here are a few strips featuring Clover:

Clover and Salem are both attentive to Grandma's lessons.

Clover's sweet nature sometimes makes new magic a little scary.

She's plucky though, and sticks to her lessons.

Sometimes a little too plucky....

Clover is not afraid of much.

It helps that she's got a giant monster in her corner.

Clover is one of my favorite characters, and that might
be why I have a tough time getting her portrait right.

I'll be honest, I'm not raving about this painting either--but I think it's a better version and I'm happier with it. Still... I may be painting her again soon. :)

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