Monday, October 01, 2012

Big News!

Ryan and I are finally ready to share our big news, which I'm sure some of you have already guessed ;)

We're having a baby in April!

Here we are this morning, just over three months pregnant!

We're absolutely over the moon, and cannot believe our good fortune. Especially when just a short while ago we were wondering if we'd ever be able to have kids. If you follow this blog, you'll recall back in June when I had to have some benign tumors removed from my uterus. I have a history of those tumors, and have had surgery to remove them before. I've had some doctors be pessimistic about my chances for getting pregnant, and two other doctors be optimistic. The two optimistic doctors were both key in figuring out what was happening in my body and getting those tumors out, so I clung to their prognosis as they seemed to actually know what they were doing.

In July I had a post-op follow up with my doctor, and she had good news. The surgery had gone great, and she could see no scar tissue from either surgery. After my operation, Ryan and I had done a lot of talking. We'd decided to see if we could try to have a baby sooner rather than later, considering all the trouble I'd had and how it would probably take us a while to conceive anyway. My doctor gave the green light to start trying, and told us which day we should aim for.

After all my worrying, and all my fears, we got pregnant LATER THAT WEEK. In fact, we got pregnant the very first time we tried. (Ryan loves that part of the story. He's strutting around pretty proud of himself).

Yet, because of all my prior health stuff, I had absolutely no clue I was pregnant. My first indication, looking back, was a Burger King Bacon Sundae I wolfed down (WHY? BECAUSE IT WAS DELICIOUS THAT'S WHY). My stomach is usually steel, I can (and do) eat anything. But ten minutes after licking the spoon clean I was lying face down on the bathroom floor hollering that I was about to die.

Whew! I thought. I wonder if I have a bug?

Days went by, and I was getting other signs I was pregnant, but I attributed them to my recent surgery. The day after Ryan's birthday, I woke up and took a pregnancy test just so I could call my doctor and let her know something was wrong and my cycle wasn't returning. That's why it was such a shock when I looked down--while brushing my teeth--and saw the simple word "pregnant" in the window.

I peed on this.

Now in movies and television shows, the woman finds out she's pregnant and she surprises her husband that night over a candle lit dinner by serving him baby back ribs or something (who else grew up watching Full House?)

I instead screamed in shock, from the bathroom, toothbrush still in hand, like a malfunctioning robot, "UH. RYAN. I THINK I'M PREGNANT."

Sitting on the bed, stick in hand (it's amazing, you pee on those sticks, and I was so careful not to touch the damn thing until it read pregnant and then it's like I couldn't put it the disgusting thing down, like I was gripping it for security, bacteria, and dear life) Ryan reminded me we had tried only the month before, and I said how impossible that seemed, it's supposed to take months, if not years. (And then he got all proud again).

We took a few more tests....

Just to be sure....

And I was indeed pregnant! I took a belly picture that week, week 5. And then forgot to take any others until week 12. GREAT START!

Week 5.
I've never had a real tight belly to begin with,
but that's way flatter than it is now, ha!

At week 8 we had our first ultrasound, and Ryan and I got to see the baby's heart beating like crazy. It was as beautiful as it was weird. Pregnancy is a weird, wonderful miracle. I love it :)

I swear to you, that smudge on the left is our child.

Around week 7 or so morning sickness kicked in hard. I believe for three reasons. 1. I'm pregnant. 2. Even my closest friends will gladly tell you I'm a wuss. And 3. My Mom and my Nana had it way worse, so it might just be in my genes a little. Whatever the real reason (I suspect it's number 2) I've had a rough few weeks. As my twitter followers know, BECAUSE THROW UP AND NOT TWEET IT? WHAT'S EVEN THE POINT OF THE INTERNET THEN?

It's been 100% worth it though, and nothing dramatic. Just a lot of general queasiness, which is all a great sign. Ryan has been a living saint, cooking, cleaning, snuggling, holding me during hormonal melt downs, and just being a dream husband. I could not have picked a better mate. Folks--take your time finding someone to share your life with, it makes all the difference. Find a tender, sweet person, whatever you do.

They're easier to spot than you'd think.

It's been maddening trying to keep this secret, (I told my sister within 20 minutes) but a lot of advice dictates to keep a pregnancy under wraps until after the first trimester. It's really delicate until then, and because of my past pessimistic doctors and my previous medical difficulties we were extra nervous. However, I'm proud to report going into week 13, it's been a great pregnancy so far, everything is perfectly normal, and all the signs are good!

Week 12, shared on Instagram with everything but the belly blurred
for an extra hint. (Not that it really needs it).

Before questions are asked:

Yes, the doctor checked (and folks have already asked) there's only one baby. Twins do run in my family, but I'm told my Mom carried big early too.

Yes, I asked my doctor if it was safe to dye my hair. I would not dye my hair without asking, and would never risk it had it been dangerous. Not only did she say it was safe at all stages of pregnancy, but in addition my particular hair dye is a vegan dye with no ammonia, bleach, or anything harsh such as that. So technically, I could be using the real stuff--but I don't, so it's even more safe than the already safe regular dye.

Yes, I also asked if it was safe to paint with watercolors while pregnant. And yes, my doctor told me to simmer down and stop worrying so much at that point :)

I am so happy to finally share our big news with everyone! And on the first day of October, the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. This entire post just made me smile so much. I'm so excited for you guys, George, I can't begin to tell you how much!




  4. A great "READ ALL ABOUT IT" xoxo Auntie Nee


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