Thursday, August 02, 2012

New Look

Yesterday I painted some pictures to update my Etsy shop and the blog.

Three Friends.

Happy Trees.

Let's just add a few more happy trees....

Whether it's the New England in me, or the Pacific Northwest around me, things got woodsy real fast. I love forests and forest creatures, and so 2-3 drafts in these trees and animals began to emerge. The bear and raccoon I draw all the time, the cardinal kind of invited himself to the party. I painted them in several different poses. You'll see more tomorrow when I share the mailing materials I'll be making this afternoon!

It's a lot more work than it probably seems to change the look of the shop and the blog (Etsy friends, you'll feel me on this), but I've been having a lot of fun. Call me awful, but I just love designing stationary and mailing labels, so I saved that for today as a treat for myself (COOL KID RIGHT). A little reward for all the digital work I had to do yesterday, making things I hate to make.

Like logos.

You can already see the new blog set up, click here to see how the shop looks now! What do you think?

It occurs to me I have not shared my latest painting here, and it fits into this post pretty well. I painted a lumberjack last week! You can find him in the shop here.

His 'Mom' tattoo is my favorite part.

Yes, he looks a little like Ryan. (Also, that is Ryan's actual winter hat).

Speaking of Happy Trees, I've been watching this video nonstop lately. John D. Boswell auto-tuned Bob Ross and made this song. (He recently made a Mr. Rogers one that is really lovely too). As a child of PBS, I admit that I first learned how to paint trees, clouds, and mountains by watching hours of Bob Ross as a kid. My friend Amy found this video and it makes me ridiculously happy. Artist and creative friends, you may love it as much as we do.

Full disclosure: I may have teared up the first time I saw it. (Shut up). But I did. I love when the Internet makes us cry for happy reasons.


  1. I like the new look! Clean and fresh. Nice work!

  2. The blog looks great - and definitely a change of scenery! Confess this is the first time I've been into your Shop, too. Very enjoyable trip! Hope the sales come thick and fast!

  3. Looks fantastic! Your shop looks awesome too! I think most of your male characters do resemble your husband in one way or another :D

  4. Everything looks phenomenal, Georgia!

    Also Bob Ross is the shit. Fo' rizzle. The way he perfects reflections in bodies of water rocks my world.

  5. beautiful and very lovely love your drawings

  6. LOVE IT......I love Bob Ross! WOnderful to see him again!


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