Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello everyone!

I successfully changed my blog's address last night to http://www.georgiadunnstudio.com. The IT guys over at Host Monster told me it was impossible over the phone--but they didn't count on me being awesome!

Whatever IT, I'll just do it myself!

I can't even begin to explain how I did it. Changing the domains was complicated and way over my head. Redirecting the site involved IP addresses, Cnames, and A files. I'm pretty sure I could do it again, but I have no idea how I did it in the first place. I've worked similar magic for this blog before, and Swan Eaters and the Quote Book. I'm not good with computers; I've never taken a tech class; I need help clearing my cookies. Technologically, I'm kind of an idiot. Yet somehow if I need to dismantle or redirect multiple domains, I can eventually hit all the right keys to make what I need happen.

And so, here we are at www.georgiadunnstudio.com! Please update any bookmarks or links that you've saved. If you're not following my blog, I'd love it if you would!

My next big change will be to how the blog and the shop look. This is going to take a little more planning, and a bit of painting. I confess I'm putting off changing the FB until later this week. I have 381 followers there, and so Facebook demands I either bring that number under 200 before I can change the name, or create an entirely new FB page for my art.

I'm not sure which to do, but I'm leaning toward a new page and hoping folks will be kind enough to follow me there. It feels a lot easier than playing the FB Hokey-Pokey and saying, "HEY, UNLIKE MY PAGE--WAIT, NOW LIKE MY PAGE AGAIN. PS I'M THE WORST." I may plan a give away, too. I haven't done too many of those, but I feel like I'll owe my followers a couple of give aways for staying loyal and wandering through the Internet desert with me as I change names and sites. Maybe we'll pull in some new folks as we wander. I hope so! I'd love to be able to offer cheap ads to blossoming artists here someday, (rather than open the blog up to ads for those sexy orc wizard games--WHAT ARE THOSE?) and it's not fair until I have enough people tuning in to make an ad worth it for someone.

That's down the road though! For now, please follow, and see what happens with me. :)


  1. Love the new banner and page layout! Had a bit of trouble finding you, your last page dissapeared quite completly. I found it again through Etsy, but might be a bit difficult for people who didnt favourite your shop. Just a heads up, incase you lost a few people.

  2. Thank you so much, Emme! That's exactly the kind of feedback I needed! I'll try to put up a message on the old domain, to redirect folks--hopefully it works! (Rolls up sleeves) :)

  3. Actually, I may be over thinking it. I'll try to get a message out to folks instead!


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