Monday, June 11, 2012

Stitches, sketches, and cartoons.

Saturday I graduated from "bed rest" to "couch rest", which I prefer immensely because I can sit up and actually draw. While recovering, I've been working on some silly cartoons and fun sketches to amuse myself.

Like this one.

I think most men would enjoy a picture like this of themselves.

Last week I had a dream that Ryan was gigantic, or rather I was very small. He was carrying me around my Nana's house and helping me step in and out of cupboards and walk along shelves. It felt marvelous to be carried all nestled safely. I'm sure it had a lot to do with how helpful he has been while I've been sick and how much I've had to rely on him. (And probably a lot to do with the medications I was on too).

It was a pretty rad dream.

A detail image of our faces.

During the week Mike Has Cookies challenged me to draw Jason Cole traveling to a tournament by his floating fro. So naturally, I just had to.

I did a pencil sketch, which I scanned and tinted in Photoshop with the airbrush tool set to "overlay". I don't do that kind of sketch often, but I really enjoy them and so I decided to treat myself.


Before I was on the couch, much of Friday was spent listening to The Protomen's album "Act II: The Father of Death" and embroidering.

If you're my friend in real life or follow me on Twitter, you already hate that I ever found this album. I have been listening to it and referencing Megaman with all of the unrelenting enthusiasm of an eleven year old boy for 4 days. Which perfectly introduces what I embroidered:

I like ridiculous modern sayings paired
with sweetly stitched embroidery.

I love embroidery. It was a skill taught to me in Girl Scouts. It's quick to learn, takes a long time to master, (my lettering is chunky and clumsy even all these years later) and the possibilities are endless. To check out some genuinely beautiful embroidery, take a gander at the work of Jessica Marquez at Miniature Rhino. I'm a big fan of her work, her stitches are lovely!

Those are meant to be sweet pea blossoms.

Of course my letters finally started coming together with the last word.

More blossoms...

The flowers on the left side.

I started with a disappearing ink pen.

The letters all finished.

If you really look, you can see some of the ink
in this photo from Saturday morning.

Elvis demonstrating the meaning of the phrase.

Lastly I began a sketch of Vesper Hawker, from my web comic Swan Eaters. I'm going to work on that while I rest today.



  1. I tried embroidery when I was in my early 20's, but I was too 'busy' then. I should pick it up again, because I'm way lazier now and have a lot of sitting time.

    1. You should, Jaime! It's a lot of fun, and you can pretty much write or stitch anything you can think of.

  2. Thanks for the shout out lady!! I think your stitches are looking real nice, especially all the little flowers!! Are you going to keep going?!

    1. You're welcome! And Thank you! I am, I've been working on another with the words "Choose Your Own Adventure". It's going more slowly than this one, but hopefully it will be ready for sharing soon :)


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