Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The shop is back up! And Moonrise Kingdom is awesome.

The past couple of days I have felt much better. I have pain here and there, but it's mostly gone now (as long as I haven't jinxed it by typing those words!) My energy has been returning too, and so I opened my Etsy shop back up. It gives me a few days to rest still, as I typically ship orders two business days after they're placed. So, even if I get a few orders tomorrow I don't have to pop out to the post office until Friday.

I absolutely had to get out of the apartment today, and so Ryan took me to see Moonrise Kingdom. This was a movie we were both very excited about, not only because we love Wes Anderson movies, but because it was filmed at a Rhode Island location dear to both of us. Camp Yawgoog.

Ryan was an Eagle scout, and spent many summer days camping at Yawgoog in its campsite "Three Point." He will gladly tell anyone about Three Point's superiority over the other two sites, Medicine Bow and Sandy Beach. (Actually, they're all pretty cool and the entire camp is beautiful... But don't tell Ryan I said so).

Amy, who I mention from time to time in this blog, grew up at Camp Yawgoog. Her father is the Head Ranger, and can be seen in this clip from Moonrise Kingdom at 0.07 seconds as the woodsman in the left corner of the screen. (How cool is that?!) So, while Ryan spent his time at the camp as an actual boy scout, I spent my time there sleeping over Amy's house growing up. And later watching John Carpenter's The Thing, eating kettle corn, and drinking vanilla cokes.

After being stuck inside for so many days, I can't tell you how comforting it was to see a movie with so many familiar shots of back home. Trails we hiked, the amphitheater we played in, fields we ran across making believe long after we were too old to respectably do so, (not that we ever cared) the forest roads we drove down... It was lovely. Now and then I could really just let homesickness take over and pretend Amy was just about to walk through a scene with her mischievously clever dog Jack. I can only imagine what it is like for Amy and her family to watch this movie filmed literally in their backyard!

They shot a scene in Three Point, and Ryan stirred in the dark beside me, ecstatic with pride. He whispered a compliment to the movie, something along the lines of choosing "the best location in Yawgoog" for a setting.

The movie itself is adorable! It's the story of two misfit twelve year olds who runaway in 1965 and the search that ensues on their tiny island. People kinda take a side when it comes to Wes Anderson movies. We're on the positive side. The Life Aquatic, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox all enjoy a heavy rotation in our home. (The Darjeeling Limited not so much,...).

If you like Wes Anderson movies, you'll love this. It's a delightful story, quirky, sweet, sad at times, funny at times, and of course it's shot beautifully. He frames a scene so well!

The whole movie is filled with beautiful moments like this one.

Ryan and I both know this chapel well, and were really excited to see it.

The children give great performances.

Personally, I think he nailed the preteen years pretty well. 

The movie was made 90% cuter to me because the star
kinda even looked like Ryan when he was a boy scout.

Our children are going to be all glasses and ears.
I can't wait.

Ryan next to a bucket-stick he's pretty proud of. I guess
each troop had to somehow modify that stick, and his decided to
add a bucket of solid concrete. It took multiple kids and a hand cart
to hand it off to the next troop. He's heard it's a coat rack in the Buckland
these days, but the rumor remains unconfirmed.

A photo of Ryan in 2010, visiting Three Point again.
(He looks so different without the long hair , huh?)

Three Point Pride!

The only theater in Seattle playing Moonrise Kingdom is the Landmark Guild 45th in Wallingford. It's the perfect setting, as theater was built in 1919 and still has a screen up on an old stage with real curtains. It's the kind of theater that puts real butter on the popcorn (yet still less expensive than IMAX). We ate a quick dinner at the Thai restaurant a couple of buildings down.

Ryan enjoying his yellow curry.
I kept it real light with spring rolls. (My appetite is running at 75%).

It was a wonderful evening, and exactly what I needed. Ryan has been researching local campsites since we got home. It looks like we may be investing in a tent soon. He has his favorite kind picked out.

He's asking questions like, "Do you know how to rainproof a tent?" "Can you build a fire without matches?" "When was the last time a real man took you camping?" He's beyond tickled at the prospect of taking me into the woods. I'm excited, too! I love camping, and it's one adventure we've yet to go on. One more reason to heal up!


  1. How have I not heard of this movie before now???

  2. It's in a limited release (so sadly, why are the best movies always limited release, it seems???) but if you can find it, you'll love it! Rhode Island was all a buzz about it when it was being filmed, but I think that was before you were back home.


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