Monday, May 14, 2012

Pink Hair!

On Saturday, I went to Vain in downtown Seattle and had my hair dyed.

What do you think? Too subtle?


It is however, exactly the shade I wanted and I love it! If you live in Washington and you're thinking of a dramatic hair change, I would wholeheartedly recommend Vain. Carissa was my stylist, and she was so helpful! She listened to me, carefully looked over the pictures on the "dream board" Duncan and I worked on the night before, and counseled me on how to care for my new hair.




In high school I used to dye my hair blue, purple, or bright red from time to time, but I always went darker over my natural color. This is the first time I've ever lightened my hair, which was why I choose Vain and Carissa. Her coloring credentials are pretty awesome, and I knew this was way beyond my previous color-in-a-box skills.  I really do love my natural hair color, so it was a little scary to change it so permanently. I gave myself two weeks to think it over (I scheduled the appointment in April). I'm really glad I went with a professional, and I'm extra glad I actually went through with it. Saturday morning I woke up pretty nervous! 

I know what you're thinking....

It looks like cotton candy!

It's okay, everyone has been saying it, you can say it too! The hue is actually a "Cotton Candy pink". The fluffiness is just an unexpected bonus for someone who's always had really fine hair.

I suddenly have a lot more volume than I'm used to. I have to credit dry shampoo (since my hair doubled in size shortly after I sprayed it in). The salon recommended stretching the color with dry shampoos, so I picked some up. It smells like this cheap perfume I got for Christmas in seventh grade and gives me a major shot of nostalgia every time I whip the can out.

It makes me feel like I'm washing my hair in space. I bet astronauts have to use dry shampoo, right? Or maybe Tang. Either way, this stuff gives you major Barbarella hair.

The more flammable my hair is, the more feminine I feel.

Just...gotta...jam it...into... PLACE---

When I die, I hope our kids use this as one of the photos set up in
the funeral home lobby. "This is our mother, she was awful."

A casual up-do, jammed into place.

Be honest: We should have more everyday surreal hairstyles.

I wish I could tell you some real deep reason for dyeing my hair pink. I could make one up I guess....

....But sooner or later you're going to realize
Netflix recently added 'Jem and the Holograms'.

Truly the most outrageous part is I'm not even ashamed. I kinda feel really great about it. Like, it's stupid and happy and ridiculous--and that might be what feels so delightful about it. It's not like I'm a terribly serious person to begin with.

They see me trollin', they hatin'--

Ryan is an incredibly rad spouse to not only spring for this (finding a salon was his insistence when I worried I might not ever get it the right shade "If you're going to do it, let's get it exactly how you want it. Go balls to the wall, honey" my husband said), but also to help me see it through when I got scared. Not every partner would be so cool about a drastic change in appearance--but every partner should be, because if they're not that's some real Lifetime movie bullshit. 

Ryan and I, Saturday afternoon.

I worried at first that people would freak out, or strangers would be weird. Or people would think I was really pretentious and needed to get them into obscure Hipster bands ("YO, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS?") However, so far the reactions have been really wonderful. My friends have been excited about it. There's been an outpouring of sweetness on the social networks. Even my Mom loves it.

"You've wanted to dye your hair that color since you were little!" She said tonight. "I never let you! You finally did it!"

Probably the best unforeseen effect of this hair is children go crazy when they see me. Kids have zero filter. 90% of the little girls and boys I've walked past have stopped dead in their tracks to squeal in shock and awe for their parents to look at the lady with pink hair! 40% of children have waved. I feel like a magic unicorn warrior princess.

Magic Unicorn Warrior Princess Glamour Shot


  1. I think it looks great !! pink is a beautiful color, and you wear it'll probably turn some heads, but thats ok kind to yourself, embrace it (as you have)....and dont wear clothes that clash !!! LOL...((hugs))

  2. Thank you Nancy! It's so funny you say that, my biggest challenge so far has been finding outfits that don't clash. Luckily I wear a lot of pale blue already!

  3. But are Jem and the Holograms a real a band?

  4. Not at all--but they should be!

  5. I'm so glad (now) that you did it. The joy it brings you brings me joy too. I read your post with a smile on my face. And I have to concur, your husband is a great support!

  6. Thank you Marilyn! I know it was a bit of a shock at first. :)


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