Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Otter on a Laptop

Last week while waiting a long (LONG) time for our check at a restaurant, Matt, Duncan, Ryan, and I started talking about otters. Specifically, how cute they look when they use their bellies for tabletops while chowing down on seafood. Eventually we began joking about them lounging with little laptops on their tummies, and I decided okay, I have to paint that.

So I did!

Otter on a Laptop!

The pencil sketch, with some clams for snacking.

A close up of his little paws typing.

The print's for sale in the shop here!

Ryan saw the pencil sketch and said, "That otter is supposed to be working on spreadsheets, but instead he's just tweeting about how he hates his job." He looks happy enough though, maybe he's just checking Otterbook.

Either way, if he rolls over that laptop is toast.


  1. Completely adorable! The first thing that popped into my head was a really bad Otterbox pun; but this guy is fantastic.

  2. PS-
    My son says you should draw a sloth.

  3. Oooh!! I love sloths :) I've painted one on Noah's Ark here:, but I've never painted a sloth on its own... I may have to do this soon :)

  4. My nickname is otter and I just love that picture - I'm also a writer. So thank you so much for showing me what I look like when "in the muse".

  5. Really want one because that otter reminds me of me on my sofa! Lol! The Etsy link no longer working. Where can I buy a print?


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