Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Health Update: Benign Tumors Have at Thee!

This morning I met with the specialist my doctor referred me to. I didn't want to tag that onto my pink hair post because, let's be real, it's kind of a bummer. I tried working it in, but every opening sentence I attempted was like, "OH ALSO MY UTERUS--", so I decided to explain in its own post.

The specialist was so nice, I feel a lot better after meeting with her. The good news is three of the benign tumors do not need to be removed. They're located in the muscle lining of the uterus, and these are the more common kind of fibroid tumors. (I was hoping for this). This kind usually does not cause serious problems. It's a good thing, she told me, because they would be difficult to remove and scarring up the uterine muscle at multiple angles would make it hard to carry a child to term. So, it was agreed it's in my best interest to leave them alone for the time being. The only downside to this decision is they are hormonal and often grow with a pregnancy. In fact, the woman who did my ultrasound last week had that experience and shared her story with me. Her baby was healthy, she was just a bit uncomfortable. Heck, I've yet to meet a woman who said pregnancy was a piece of cake, right? Hopefully if I ever do become pregnant they won't go all Akira on me.

The bad news is one of the tumors does need surgery :( It's the same kind I had before. It's hanging out in the uterus, growing on a stalk, the whole deal. (And it has a name, it's a "intracavity pedunculated uterine fibroid tumor"). That's why I've been experiencing some of the pain and symptoms I have. As they grow they can twist from time to time and cut off their own blood supply--that's some of the agony of the previous big one finally explained. Until it's taken out it will keep me from getting pregnant, because the body recognizes something is hanging out in there. However, there's some more good news, they caught it at a great size to be removed!

I still need surgery, but it will be a day operation. After waking up and recovering from the anesthesia I should be able to go home that evening. This is a huge relief. I'm still kinda scared, but I have a lot to be thankful for and I will not be going through anything like what I went through last time because they found it so early. She wants to do the surgery within 2-3 weeks, and I'm very much looking forward to having it behind me.

The specialist is committed to preserving everything so hopefully Ryan and I can have children one day. She was honest that a second one means it's likely a hysterectomy is in my future (as this thing will probably keep growing back and causing problems)--but it can wait until I've had children. And we all know I hate this stupid uterus anyway. My uterus is the closest thing I have to an arch nemesis. It's literally hijacking my womb to grow its own weird tumor baby. For all I know the damn thing is trying to spawn a second uterus. Well, not on my watch, cretin!


  1. I love you so much, George. <3 I'm so sorry you (and Ryan) have to deal with this right now. You deserve so much better than this crap. At least you'll be rid of it soon! YOU WILL VANQUISH THIS EVIL AS YOU VANQUISHED THE LAST!

  2. I'm with Grace. Your hair has even transformed to your super-hero colour. You're ready for battle. :)

    Also, I laughed my ass off at your Akira joke, since that film is actually one of the few things that has weirded me out in my whole life.

    It really bothers me that you're having this problem when so many people are popping out children they don't even really want, left and right. However, they'll clearly be very special children that will fill you with pride, having defeated their mother's arch-nemesis before having even been born. :)

  3. Thank you Gracie, I love you too!!

    Francela, thank you, that was just what I needed to read. I've had the worst morning. It took me forever to finally fall asleep (I must have been up until about 4am). Then everyone in the world decided to text me at 8am (8 text messages from 3 people, seriously). So eventually I just got up because there's no sleeping through that. I immediately burned my hand cooking breakfast for Ryan and I (probably because I was exhausted). I snapped at Ryan when he tried to hug me while I tried to run my hand under cold water (and then apologized, and he was awesome about it anyway and so naturally I just felt terrible). And around then I just sort of melted down. It wasn't even 9:30 yet.

    Also I'm SO GLAD you like the Akira joke, that was my favorite part of this post and I was so worried everyone would hate it/I'd lose readers.

    1. 've been having a very similar day, I feel you! Don't feel bad. Ryan was understanding because he's a clever man and knows you're under a lot of legitimate stress. You'd have done the same thing for him. Even the most reasonable of us melt down after a morning like that.

      And pffft, that was seriously the funniest thing ever! A definite upside to a mostly dismal day. Haha.

      Also, I wish google stopped insisting I have a blogger account because I don't! Even though I've considered it lately.

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  5. I have faith everything will work out. It pains me to hear of good people struggling to bring their dream of children to fruition. Especially, like Francela had stated soo many have unwanted children so easily and take it for granted. This is a subject that's near and dear to my heart as my sister is struggling as well to try and conceive. I'll be sending good vibes your way! :)


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