Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spring is...uh, springing!

The cherry tree outside our living room window is beginning to bloom. I have been watching the buds grow big and green the past few days, and yesterday morning the white petals emerged.

I took this yesterday....

The full tree

This morning the flowers seemed to double in size. We've got full blown popcorn happening on these branches now.

I took this photo this morning.
Be honest, how awesome would a popcorn tree be?

Puck is less wowed than I am.

I have an unglamorous day ahead of me filled with cleaning the rat cages and caring for my sick husband. Ryan picked up a touch of something fluish, and with an important video to edit this week at work we're going to have a "soup and nap day" of rest. I'm hoping the quiet gives way to a few more Swan Eaters strips once the cages are clean and Ryan is knocked out on the couch.

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