Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The past week or so I haven't really been able to paint anything. Hey, it happens. When it does, I typically set down my paint brushes and work on something else.

Last week the 'something else' was a little rag doll. For some reason spring always seems to get me sewing and stitching. I'm not certain why, but the past several springs I have spent my time making dolls, toys, and embroidering various cloth goods. Perhaps my fingers just need some exercise after a winter of clutching pens and brushes.

I made her over the course of five or six days, drafting out the patterns to form her body, stitching her shape, painting her face, sewing and embroidering her hair, etc.

And so, I'd like you to meet Pigeon:


Isn't she sweet? I mean, I know I made her, so I'm kinda biased, but I just love her.

Would you like an owl of tea?

Why 'Pigeon', you may ask? Well, there's not a precise answer. It's something that just kinda popped into my head as I stitched her together. I've always adored Tramp's chosen pet name of 'Pigeon' for Lady in Disney's Lady and the Tramp, and so that might have contributed to the notion. Once it got into my head, it slowly grew on me. I started referring to the sewing project as 'Pigeon' to Ryan ("I'm going to work on Pigeon for a spell") and before I knew it, that was her name.

Pigeon dreaming on the couch.

Basking in the cloud light (there is no sun in Seattle).

The embroidered details on her cardigan.

Playing in the curtains....

I tried to give her a few different looks,
between the dress, the belt, and the cardigan. 


Relaxing with our favorite throw pillow,
Reginald T. Hootenanny

The buttons closing her dress.

Making sure her dress fit....

Oh, hai guys....
(She does look a little like me, but that was unintentional).

Her body when it was first stitched.

Her face, freshly painted in acrylics.

Experimenting with her hair shape.

Embroidering the first curls....

The back of her head. I wanted a lot of curls, swirls,
petals, and hearts.

Her side profile, with the first bun pinned into place.

This is my favorite look for her clothes.
I still have to figure out shoes!

What do you think of her? I'm already planning at least three others. I have fabric for blonde hair, black hair, and red hair. My mind's buzzing with friends for Pigeon, including an albino (you had to see that coming, I love albinos) and a little tattooed lady. I'm also currently OBSESSED with RuPaul's Drag Race and so naturally I also want to try and create some Drag Dolls (as opposed to Rag Dolls). I'm thinking handsome little men with alternate beautifully make-upped cloth faces that button on in the back? As in, a button on the back of the head? Tiny yarn wigs? Fierce, sparkling bitty dresses? I'm still working out the fabric mechanics of a doll with interchangeable faces and hair, but trust me, it'll be sickening.



  1. Ahhh! I absolutely love her! :] She's adorable! I love the little embroidery on her cardigan, and the embroidering you did for her hair. I especially love the name. I can't wait to see the next dolls you make, ESPECIALLY THE DRAG DOLLS!

  2. She is quite photogenic. Perhaps a gallery of various travel destinations.

  3. Elvis is tolerating her so much more than I would have imagined

  4. She is really pretty, looks almost like you :D long time ago, I tried to sew a little dog doll, and it came out really scary, your doll really cute, she has a beautiful face, and lovely clothes too! Great job!


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