Sunday, March 04, 2012

Papernstitch Feature!

I've been selected by Brittni over at Papernstitch to be a part of their March exhibition! And today, that exhibition is live. You can browse it for yourself here. The page swaps around every twenty minutes ago, but you can find me easily enough under "Georgia Dunn".

Or just look for this guy.
I am incredibly excited to be on Papernstitch this month. It's one of my favorite creative sites on the web, and I have personally pinned the heck out of it over on Pinterest. In fact, ladies if you're new to Papernstitch, do a quick search for the word on Pinterest to get a feel for Brittni's eye. She curates some lovely finds across the Internet, and that's the reason why I am honored to have been selected.

Finds like these amazing paper flowers.
When was the last time wire and paper looked this pretty?

Naturally, yes, okay, alright, I admit it: It is KILLING me that I cannot share this news on Facebook (I gave up Facebook for Lent). My friend Duncan kept warning me something like this would happen, although he made it sound more like a business guy with a cigar would try to send me a Facebook message with a contract attached to publish one hundred children's books. This is ranked pretty high on the awesome scale too, though. I'm plastering it all over Twitter and here.

I don't know if I'll share it on Tumblr. Tumblr is the site that angry child tribe in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome would have created if they really needed to argue about Harry Potter. Like most social sites, I joined because my with-it hip sister asked me to. I'll usually post for a few days and then some too-cool-for-school kid reblogs something I shared out of context and rips it apart. They're so mean... All because Captain Walker never came back.

There's no way that kid isn't on Tumblr.

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