Saturday, March 31, 2012

Into the West!

Two years ago today I arrived in the west! Ryan and I traveled for six days to move all my things to Washington from Rhode Island.

Elvis bravely guarding my stuff from the Uhaul.

Ready to embark!

One more mushy look before setting out!

Our modern day covered wagon.

Elvis was pretty freaked out the first two days of travel.
This is him clinging to me in a hotel room.

Taking a quick, sleepy photo in a hotel in the midwest.
Note Elvis is beginning to chill out.

North Dakota is a terrifying place.



Westward bound smoochin'.

How we kept Elvis happy on the road.

A photo after a particularly long, boring stretch of road.

This country has SO MUCH WHEAT.

For six days we survived on American diner food.

Ryan mapping our journey through the futuristic magic of his phone.

Elvis settling into life on the road.

Follow the sun!

It turns out 70% of the country looks like this.

Our apartment building the day we moved in.

Goofing around one of our first nights "home".

Happiness achieved!

One of these days I promise, I'll tell the whole, unabridged story of how Ryan and I fell in love and decided to run away together five days after our first date. I know I keep saying that, but I really will**.

**Edit: I finally did! You can read it here. Enjoy! :)


  1. Can't wait for the rest of the story! How's Elvis today? Love Siamese (was brought up with them) and now am Grandma to 3 moggies and, this week, ended up with a Grandpuppy! Hope all goes well - have been remiss in checking up on all the blogs I'm supposed to follow. Life has been somewhat hectic and I've been a bit slow blogging myself too.


  2. He is quite well! The west suits our Siamese, however initially miffed he may have been when we first left. Congratulations on the Grandpuppy--and the 3 moggies :)

    I just read your blog, I was happy to see you typing away again! I hope Peter is feeling better than he was a few months ago. One day soon I'll post the story behind how Ryan and I fell in love. I wrote it all out once for saving, but it was about 6-7 pages, so I feel like I would have to boil that down a bit for a blog post. I will though, so many folks know we moved out here together soon after we began our courtship but even some of our friends don't know how we became an item.

  3. I love your chronological photo posts. :)

  4. Tim knows hot it happened, saw thr whole thing go down.

  5. Hahaha! Tim. Thank you, Francela!

    As Francela and some of you already know, I did just write out our whole story! It can be found here: Enjoy! :)


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