Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Hawker Triplets painting progress

Yesterday I laid the first watercolor washes on the Hawker Triplet painting, and this is how it has progressed thus far:



You'll recall I was debating the background. I finally decided to set them inside one of the side show tents, with canvas walls and a painted navy-and-stars ceiling. I then added a garland of gold stars, a string of patchwork bunting, a pair of lanterns, a paper moon, and a glimpse of daylight slipping away through the opening behind Salem. You know, to really "circus up" the joint.

Background penned in....

The first wash of watercolor to set skin and background.

What it looks like today....

Everything is still in that light, ethereal stage. Today some of the real hues should make a splash appearance. Wish me luck!

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