Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I used to not be so crazy about this holiday, but last year I had a sort of "Christmas Carol" realization about Saint Patrick's Day and decided to lighten up. I was thoroughly rewarded when Ryan popped the question that night!

So Ryan and I got engaged a year ago! And this week we celebrate being married seven months, because long engagements drool, true love rules!

My parents met today, it was my last day working at the bank two years ago, Ryan and I were engaged, my sister was born tomorrow--it's a pretty magical day for us Irish, and I'm glad I finally embraced the luck and the rainbows part of the holiday.

Here are some photos of our decorations, our daffodils, and the Irish generations who brought me here.

My childhood St. Patrick's Day pins.

Our daffodils.

Daffodils are my Mom's favorite. I love them too.

Our "mantle" shelf, all decked out for the day.

Two sweet yellow bells, beside my Nana's shamrock mug.

Last year's paper shamrock garland.

My great Nana Irene's 1930s windmill teapot.

The only bit of green I put on today,
my great, great Nana Sara Leddy's necklace.

Nana Sara Leddy herself, looking formidable.

Her daughter, my great Nana Irene.

Her husband, my great Papa (Raymond) Carr.

Their daughter, my beautiful Nana Dee Dee (my grandmother).

Her one time husband, my wonderful Opa.

Their daughter, my amazing Mom.

Her one time husband, my awesome Dad!

And the current Irish generation on our branch,
my husband Ryan and myself.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! May your corned beef be tender and your leprechaun traps be full!


  1. What wonderful pictures of your family! Makes me want to dig up some of my own...

    Also, I ADORE every photo of your dad. He's such a damn rock star!

  2. Thank you! Oh man, Preston, you should! Next time you're home, scan everything you can!

    Dad sure is! He's taken so many nice portraits of himself over the years.


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