Monday, February 06, 2012

Valentine's Day On the Rise!

By now you probably know I love holidays, but would you believe I used to hate Valentine's Day? For years I suffered through a series of bad February 14ths. And I don't mean like, "no heart shaped letters in the mailbox" bad. I mean like, "one year a guy stole back his motorcycle from the tow company I worked for and called to ask me out while the police were taking the report" bad. We're talking some serious romantic comedy flashback montage fuel.

The last few years have been different. The Boston 24 Sci-Fi movie marathon had a lot to do with 2009 and 2010 Valentine's Days' being awesome, and Ryan can be credited for 2011's success. Fresh off three years of friendship, nerding out, and soulmating (ew) I am positively PSYCHED for Valentine's Day 2012!

I even decorated the living room this weekend....

I filled a shelf with all our lovey dovey things.

Vintage valentines Ryan gave me last year.

The soda bottles from our first date. 

Our wedding (cup)cake topper.

A pair of 1950s toy rabbits Ryan gave me
surrounded by valentines we've exchanged.

I like to stitch tiny, fuzzy monsters (much to our friend Carlos' irritation).
Here's a pair of itty-bitty, fluffy sweethearts.

I confess I'm most delighted because this will be our first Valentine's as a married couple. Although, it's true what they say: When you're a newlywed, everyday is Valentine's Day.

I asked my husband to fix a drawer and he fell asleep in the laundry.

The cats helped.

I have mixed news on Sam. He's had a few dicey days. Saturday night things were taking a terrible turn. He was gasping, sluggish, and making little awful sounds. Joanne came through for us on Sunday (she is just amazing). She had gone to the vet to discuss Sam and another rat in distress she is caring for, and it was decided to try a different med and begin shots of steroids. Today he has been breathing better. He's eating well and actively explored a larger cage Joanne lent us. There are still moments when his breathing is labored, but we remain optimistic.

Sam snuggling under his floor cover.

Winston by his side.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more healing to our little, sweet guy! Any prayers or good vibes would be much appreciated. He's getting a lot of love from us and Winston. Really, we should all be lucky enough to have a brother like Winston.


  1. Sorry to hear about Sam - hope he does improve. Sounds as though he's got the rat version of what my Peter has had for the last 5 weeks and he too is benefitting from steroids!

    Love the 1950s' rabbits - at least Uncle Brendan has bunny company!

  2. Thank you! Ryan surprised me with those little bunnies this Autumn, he found them in a vintage shop here in Seattle.

    I hope Peter continues to feel better from the steroids! They seem to have helped Sam for the time being. Today he is still a bit wheezy, but yesterday he was quite plucky and comfortable.


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