Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Farewell, 'Escape from the Factory', hello Leap Day!

Yesterday I sold one of my paintings!

Escape from the Factory

This little guy is the look out.

It's always a dose of mixed feelings whenever I sell a painting. I'm proud to have sold the piece, sorry to see it go, happy it's found a home, and sad to say goodbye. It sounds corny, but they're all really special to me, and it's not always easy to part with them.

The girl who purchased this piece has been courting it since this autumn, and I feel relieved it's going to a home where it will be loved. If you like it, I still have prints for sale here.

I hope everyone is having a great Leap Day! 30 Rock did a hilarious episode last week celebrating Leap Day and I just loved it. Tongue in cheek, they presented a the idea that Leap Days should stick out in our lives as extra moments, freebies, do overs, bonus hours set aside from our usual life span. Spin the wheel one more time, and see what comes up kind of days. I liked that.

I hope you have that sort of Leap Day this year!

Just look out for Leap Day Williams!

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