Monday, February 27, 2012

Rhode Island, There and Back Again

Ryan and I visited our home state last week. It was a great trip packed with family, friends, and good times!

We started the week in Boston for the 37th annual 24 hour Science Fiction Movie Marathon. It was my fourth time attending, and Ryan's first. Five years ago Amy invited me and it became a favorite yearly tradition. She was invited herself a few years before by our pal Nate. The marathon is like that, friends invite friends until you have a theater full of some of the best folks around. Over the years at the 'Thon we've watched dozens of good and bad classics, celebrated two Valentine's days, and won the tin foil hat competition in 2009.

No, seriously.
Space Vikings, left to right: Nate, Minda, Ev, Amy, and myself.

When I moved to the west coast, funny story, it got a lot harder to travel to Boston. Last year was the first (and hopefully only) marathon I missed. As I moped about the apartment for 24 hours, Ryan promised me that come heck or high water we would make the journey to attend this year. And he kept his promise without any reminding from me, like the handsome champion he is.

Ryan was less thrilled about getting in line at 5am, but coffee
made it better.

Minda and Hollis!

Ryan and I, keeping warm under a mountain of ridiculous snuggies.

Our spot in line, Hollis and Ryan becoming BFFs.


Amy and Nate hold an impromptu "occupy awesome."

Hollis can't wait for the movies to start!

Did I mention the theater is gorgeous?

...because it is.

From the marathon we traveled south to Rhode Island, where we stayed with Aunt Joanie as we visited with family and friends. Gracie and I went roller skating, Christine and Will introduced Ryan to llamas, and we got to spend time with many special people. As always, we sadly didn't get a chance to connect with everyone we wanted to see. It's so hard trying to gather everyone in only a few days. We shared a lot of time with our families this visit, though, and that was marvelous for the spirit.

My very patient, pretty husband getting his hair done
by his little cousin Raquel.

Kids are always moving! Cammy, myself, and
Raquel in Aunt Joanie's kitchen.

My Mom's adorable blind dog Ozzy.
Doesn't he look like a little gremlin?

Amy and Will making science cookies!

Ryan befriending Chris and Will's dog Jake.

Science cookies!

Ryan meets llamas.
This was the highlight of his week.

When Christine let him take one of the llamas
for a walk, he couldn't stop grinning.

Francesca and Ryan
Fast friends.

Ryan's new goal in life is to own llamas one day.

They had a similar gait, which had Chris and I giggling.

Amy, Will, Chris, and baby Lila chilling on the llama farm.

The Habs!
Lila checks out Auntie Georgia's camera.

Amy, myself, and Chris enjoying trivia at Wood River Inn!

Did you know I own almost 80 troll dolls?
I found them at my Mom's house this visit. 

Breakfast with Aunt Lizzie and Gracie!
I absolutely love this photo.

Gracie and I, moving and reacting the same way
without realizing it.

We had to have a "Fabulous Sunglasses" picture.

Ryan took these as I told a story from earlier
when I yelled at an interrupting voice in the ladies room,
before realizing it was an intercom....

Funny, pretty Dunn girls!

I love these ladies so much :)

My sister and I, representing the west side
like the white, rural New England girls we are.

She is the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins.

Gracie and I hugging each other's faces
because we're that excited to be roller skating!

Some seriously beautiful 1930s-1960s hankies my Nana gave me.

My great Nana Irene used to mail these to Nana Dee Dee all
the time. Many were unused, with the original stickers.

There was also a 1940s beanie that belonged to one
of my uncles, purchased in Germany during the US occupation.

Which I immediately wore for several hours.

The incredibly sweet picture my little cousin
Skylar drew of she and I during our visit :)

Ryan and his best friend Mike

I really, really wanted TSA to search my carry on bag.

As you can imagine, it's really hard being 3000 miles away from these lovely people. I feel blessed that we have been able to visit home so often. Since I left almost two years ago, I have been home four times. Every time I see the state a little differently, but the people within remain wonderful. This trip I left more determined than ever to bring Gracie out west for a visit, so she can see what life out here is like. Every American should explore the four corners of our country, at least to see how many pancake houses there are in the US.

No, seriously, it's like we're the United Pancakes of America. I'm pretty sure we're the most delicious nation in the world.


  1. Georgia, I'm not going to lie to you, that "She's totally the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins" caption on that picture... I definitely just got teary-eyed.

    I miss you so much already! We had such an incredible time while you were here though. :] I cannot wait until we are reunited once more!! Believe me, I'm more determined than ever to make it out there! :D

  2. Hey, rural white girl, that's east side you're throwing out...


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