Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magneto Valentines and Bacon Weaves

Happy Eat Shameful Amounts of Leftover Chocolate Day! (Or, February 15th).

We had a lovely Valentine's Day! A quiet evening in with treats, cuddling, and joking. It was wonderful :)

I once told Ryan how much I adore classic paper Valentines and so my husband drew me five different paper Valentines. To understand them you should know I love Magneto, Harry Potter, and Dr. Who and we've been watching a lot of 'Hoarders' and 'Murder She Wrote' lately. You should also know that Ryan believes "snakes killed Dumbledore" and he's never seen Dr. Who.

He enclosed them in this paper heart!

Ryan is crazy for Dwarven culture, particularly from the Tolkien world and Dwarf Fortress. And so I made him a Dwarven Valentine.

Nerds in love.

Beyond Valentines, we exchanged a few simple sweet tokens.

Roses for me :)

Bacon weave for him!

I feel like dudes get the short end of the stick when it comes to Valentine's Day. Ryan doesn't like chocolate and he's not a flowers kinda guy. He's not a tie or hammer with a red ribbon kinda guy either. However, he is a meat guy. Ryan and I both love 'Epic Meal Time', and he has asked more than once if we could try to make a real bacon weave. I decided to kick love poems aside, and give my fella the gift of bacon!

Some ladies have asked me for the recipe (Hi Mary Beth!) and I'm happy to share it. I found a tutorial on creating the bacon weave here and the actual recipe here. Honestly? It's really easy! I think it'd be great for a party (or breakfast surprise) because it looks awesome, and it's simple. Two strips in and your brain just clicks and you're like, "Oh, okay! I got this." It probably took me 6-8 minutes to weave, tops. I used two packets of thick sliced bacon and baked it on a parchment paper lined pan at 400 degrees, flipping it over every ten minutes until it was as crispy as we wanted.

 Imagine the possibilities.
Suits, capes, pants--

I also made salted caramels, using the recipe over at the Black Apple!

Who could believe this would
turn into "delicious"?

This is really something you can "whip up", it came together very quickly and without fuss. I followed it closely, and it turned out crazy yummy.

I dusted the top with salt, like a boss.

 If I had to do one thing differently, I would have cut it into squares after setting one hour. I waited two hours and it turned into impenetrable candy armor.

This looks pretty if you don't know how I did it.
Three words: Butter knife/Hammer

It may be my new favorite recipe. These are old fashioned rip-your-molars-out caramels, and they're delightful.

I also made cookies, because I f---ing love making cookies!

Yes. I made the rats tiny cookies.

Did you know coconut and frosting
create full blown joy? Fact.

Milo promptly stole Freddie's cookie, so here's
Freddie eating Milo's cookie.

Elvis and Puck spooning on the couch. 

Most of these photos were taken this morning (the Valentines and roses) or before Ryan got home last night (the treats) and so once the actual evening began I forgot to take any pictures of us for our first married Valentine's Day. Oh well, spoiler alert there was kissing. And bacon.

And like love, our bacon weave will go on.

A square of the bacon weave
serving time in my BLT this afternoon.

Let me know if you try your own bacon weave! Your boyfriend/husband will flip!

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