Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Silly cartoons to chase the gloomies away.

Tonight I drew three seriously stupid cartoons. They're not really for anything, they just cheered up a gloomy mood.

My parents will not be proud of this.

Ladies, never give up. And improve on the standard!

Dedicated to Destry

I like to think that if dolphins have a world wide organization, I'm on their radar.

I kinda want business cards of this.

This is how I feel whenever I do steamy adult things, like making doctor appointments or buying groceries.

I was cheering myself up because our apartment is missing someone. Our rat Sam has been sick this week. He's currently on meds and receiving a nebulizer treatment from my friend and real life angel Joanne over at Best Friend Rodent Rescue. The nebulizer administers airborne medicines, similar to sitting in a big inhaler. We don't have one, so when our vet prescribed it Joanne kindly offered hers to Sam.

Sam at the vet.

The poor little guy was so stuffed up two days ago he was literally gasping for breath. He is still squeaking a bit, and we're worried, but hopeful he'll pull through. Tomorrow Joanne is letting me borrow a second nebulizer so Sam can be here at home with us and his brother Winston.

Winston and Sam do everything together.

Afternoon grape break!
(Sam on the left, Winston on the right).

They're very strongly bonded. In fact, at first we only adopted Sam. He began to pine once we got him home, and it turned out back at the rescue Winston was pining too. So Ryan and I adopted Winston too, and the two greeted one another ecstatically and have been content since. They're so big and bold because their Papa was a wild rat who got into a pet lady rat's cage (forbidden love exists even in the animal kingdom, it seems).

Our fingers are crossed that Sam will keep recovering and continue to get better.

Ryan and Sam.


  1. I'm sorry about Sam. I feel bad for him. I had to use a nebulizer in high school for my asthma, and they are terrible. The medicine in them does not taste very good.

    But! I love your silly cartoons!!!

  2. 1. LOVE the cartoons.
    2. YES get those business cards.
    3. Much love for little Sam to get better soon.

  3. You made me smile. In the middle of a huge corporate Code of Business Conduct and Ethics training, I needed that.

    as the song goes, your cartoons are "cooler than the flip-side of my pillow."

  4. My husband will sympathise particularly with Sam! He's been suffering with asthmatic-like symptoms for the last 4 weeks - and on top of everything else he has to deal with, it's not been much fun. We're hoping his medic will come up with something else to treat him with tomorrow. We're both short on sleep these days!

  5. I'm so glad you guys liked my cartoons, I'll probably do a few more from time to time as the silliness seizes me :) And thank you everyone so much for your well wishes to Sam. I'm happy to report he is home now, already snuggled with Winston, and I just gave him a nebulizer treatment. Joanne taught me how, and it was actually quite fun in a "chemistry set" kind of way. Jaime, he does not seem thrilled with the medicines either. And Isobel, I hope your husband feels better soon! I'm so sorry to hear he has been dealing with that. I know they use these nebulizers on humans and they are supposed to help a great deal, perhaps they can try something similar for Peter?

  6. I love your cartoons! Especially the first one (which I think would also look ravishing on a business card). Your blog always brightens up my day and this has been a pretty crappy week, so I can go for some day-brightening :)
    Much love to little Sam! I'm glad he and Winston are able to chum about again. I'm a firm believer that all manner of "human" emotions/behaviors are present in the animal kingdom. When I adopted my set of gerbils years ago, I was only going to get one, but when I pulled a little brown one out of the cage a little black gerbil ran over and frantically climbed the side so it could see her. I put her back and got the black one out. Same thing. They were obviously bonded so I got them both and named them Isabella and Phoebe. Two weeks later I ran screaming out of my room and Phoebe was renamed Racso. Their babies, born on the Fourth of July, were named Patrick, Betsy and Thomas. It was a little gerbil love story :)

  7. Oh my goodness, that's so sweet! Two little fuzzy lovers did not want to be parted! Aw, I love that :)

    I too firmly believe many traits folks only see as 'human' are present in animals. Love and friendship for certain!


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