Thursday, January 05, 2012

Painted Gnomes

For the past few days I have been working on creating gnome paper dolls. I thought I'd share some of the progress with you tonight!

Please keep in mind that according to legend traditional gnomes have twin offspring, and the men wear boots while the women go barefoot. I tried to make my gnomes a little folksy with Scandinavian touches to the clothing.

Their adorable little unmentionables.

Papa Gnome

Detail of Papa Gnome's face.

Mama Gnome

Detail of Mama Gnome's Face

The Twins

Detail of the Twins' faces.

Papa Gnome's everyday clothes.

Ready to tinker.

Mama Gnome with an apron.

Mama Gnome, looking fresh, feeling pretty.

The twin's everyday clothes.

You just know they're not allowed to play in these.

It's funny, back in 2004 I painted a picture of two wild looking gnomes spitefully eyeing a statue of a lawn gnome.  The joke was imagining "actual" gnomes detesting their depiction in popular culture. Now after years of gobbling up gnome books and folklore, I've done a real 180.

I expect a teeny, tiny cease and desist in the post
 from these two any day now.

They're not quite finished. I'm still painting some household items, like a tiny coo coo clock and a mandolin, and a family pet (a snail). They're also going to have gardening clothes (of course) and cold weather clothes. What do you think of them so far?


  1. I looove them! You are so creative. Best. Paperdolls. Ever.

  2. Mama Gnome has a definite look of you about her!

    Definitely worth waiting for the follow-up: can't wait to see the rest.

    Where are they headed for? Hope they find their Forever Home(s) soon. T'would be a real pity if they didn't, unless you get too fond of them yourself, of course!

  3. Thank you! I'm happy you ladies like them!

    Isobel, prints of these dolls will be sold in the shop soon. I hope they journey to some forever homes myself. :)

  4. They are super cute! I can't wait to see the gardening clothes. *g*

    (Completely unrelated: my captcha is "balowny". How funny is that? It's totally how bologna should be spelled.)


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