Monday, December 19, 2011

The Wind Truck

I was standing at the post office, in line, holding my parcels, and feeling a bit sad from last evening when a giant truck roared past the window.

A little boy, maybe three years old, told everyone in line, "That's the truck that delivers the wind."

"Oh, honey," His mother said gently. "The wind doesn't get delivered--"

"No, that was it." He interjected. The canvas sides had been flapping as it passed, leading him to explain, "I could see the wind blowing inside of it."

I feel like it's impossible to be sad for very long around children, which is a pretty fantastic thing.


  1. There's a saying....."from the mouths of babes and children....! The best quotes are often from that age group. May they never dry up!

  2. Indeed! The way they perceive the world we see is nothing short of magical :)

  3. That's part of their growing up. At least they're able to recognize things, how silly their observations may be.


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