Friday, December 23, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Day Ten: Giving

Do you love pictures of cute cats? OF COURSE YOU DO, YOU'RE ON THE INTERNET!

Read on, and I promise you pictures of cute cats by the end of this post--and the awesome story of one cat's second chance thanks to a Washington organization called Purrfect Pals .

The holidays are a great time to give back. If you're planning to donate to a cause this Christmas, I'd love to suggest their Tipper Fund.

Purrfect Pals is the largest no-kill cat only adoption organization and sanctuary in the world, and they happen to be right here in Washington. They go above and beyond when it comes to saving cats in need. They host adoptions, find foster homes, offer hospice care for ailing homeless cats, spay and neuter feral cats, provide a safe haven for FIV cats (who are usually just euthanized in most shelters) and take in the lost causes other shelters won't treat. Many of these injured or deformed kittens and cats are saved through the Tipper Fund.

Almost a year ago a certain young black cat you know was born in a litter of kittens.

Oh, Hello....

Puck was born with four working legs, but something happened to one when he was only a couple of weeks old. No one is certain, but it's pretty likely it was an attack from a predator. One day a neighbor spied newborn kittens in the yard next door and one was limping with his leg torn off. The neighbor waited to see if the owner of the litter would do anything to help, and when a couple of days passed and the injured kitten began to languish in the grass, Puck was catnapped and smuggled to the local vet. (I thank God for that brave neighbor nightly. If we could find Puck's original owner, I'm pretty sure the eleventh day of Christmas would be 'Punching').

What was left of the leg was badly infected and couldn't be saved. Purrfect Pals and the Tipper fund came to baby Puck's rescue and gave him an operation to save his tiny life. He was set up in a loving foster home where he was nursed with fluids and antibiotics, and by the time he was twelve weeks old he was well enough to join our family.

Puck, relaxing at home.

He's a cat who knows his way around a nap.

He's a loyal companion.

He's a devoted guard.

He helps with laundry.

He stares down the sun.

He's an attentive listener.

He enjoys sitting like a person.


(Neither of them are allowed on the counter).

He gets bored sometimes.

He's up for adventure!
(Chasing a fly)

He loves our rodents.

He takes a personal interest in their activities.

He's always there to help.
He makes sure the tub is safe.

He likes projects.

Elvis and he are best pals.

He is a good friend.

He's a good napping partner.

He can share a chair.

Or a floor.

He doesn't always understand personal space.

He knows the ceiling is up to something.

Napping pro.
Napping champion, really.

He likes board games....

...And video games.

More napping....

He is a Grade A sweetie puff.

He'll rest where he can.

And loves to be a part of things.
Puck's own update in the Tipper Fund stories!

What Puck may lack in legs, he more than makes up for in heart and personality. I shudder to think how another shelter might have handled a gravely injured kitten, when we know the wonderful cat he grew up to be. I thought I'd suggest donating to the Tipper fund, if I could, because it has meant so very much to us. You can donate directly here.

If you would like to see him in action here's a video of Puck we took a few nights ago, chasing a red dot. As you can see, he literally runs circles around our able bodied cat.

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