Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Day Nine: Snow

Home in New England snow was a regular part of the holiday season. Heck, if a snow storm this past October proves anything, it pretty much showed up whenever it felt like it.

A festive doorway in Hope Valley, December 2009

It was magical to wake up in the morning and see the familiar landscape transformed into a frosty winter wonderland.

And at times, mildly horrifying.
My bedroom window's view December 2009.

No, for real.

Sadly it does not snow very often in western Washington. (Or not so sadly, now that I'm looking over these RI photos and remembering the fortitude it took to shovel out my car).

Yeah, it's all coming back to me now.

And so this year we conjured up some of our own snowflakes from paper and taped them across the top of our living room window. We placed them high so the cats would not fuss with them, but as you'll see thinking height could deter a cat was foolish.

If you look within the branches you should be able to make out our flakes.

Puck watching the paper storm.

Elvis dislikes changes to his environment.
Like real snow, these flakes won't last long.
It's probably in retaliation for the time I made him wear this
Christmas sweater Mom bought him when he was a kitten.

I know I will still dream of snow this weekend, probably because of this adorable old movie. I wish you all a White Christmas, even if it's only a paper moon, er, storm.

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