Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sad news tonight.

I just received some sad news, my Uncle Christopher has passed away. It's been a difficult year for my family, since we lost Opa (my grandfather) only in October.

My uncle moved to California before my birth, and so I did not know him as closely as the uncles who stayed home. Still, I am saddened to lose his voice on the phone and exchanging drawings in the mail (he was the only other person in my Mom's family who drew and he was quite good). I am most saddened for my Nana. It's another night when I wish I were back in Rhode Island so I could drive to Newport and sit up with her, drinking diet cokes, listening to the radio, and just talking.

I'm going to skip the sixth day of Christmas, I don't think anyone will mind. I'll combine it with seven, since they're related. The sixth day was going to be "Great Christmas movies/specials" and the seventh is going to be "Terrible Christmas movies/specials", so they should pair well together.

Or maybe I will write it if I find myself needing a cheerful distraction. Grief is funny like that.

It's also funny that it seems to pull up other passings. I miss Uncle Christopher now, and Opa all over again. I miss my Uncle Matthew often, and so the three men are very much on the mind this evening. I hope wherever they are, they're greeting each other tonight happily as our family remain here missing them. 

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