Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolutions and 2011 Highlights!

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Schedule my day like an office workday. From 9-5 Mon -Fri no FB or personal phone calls/texts (outside of lunch, like a real workplace). Just concentrate on drawing/painting/the shop and treat it like the work it has happily become.

2. Back to the budget. When I worked at the bank I stuck to a budget pretty easily because it was my job and my job did not pay well. Last month Ryan and I decided to start saving for a house like the big kids do, and we worked out a simple budget. Being a dork I cannot WAIT to start calculating progress. A lot of folks hate budgeting, but it's like working out: People resist until they see the results, and then they're all about it.

3. Nurture my inner little old lady. Tea. Biscuits. Frocks. Solving mysteries. I love these things now, and I'm not going to wait any longer to make them a part of my daily routine. Life is too short, and I'm going to do things like "Put on lipstick to improve a bad mood" and "Keep emergency candy in purse" now, while I am around to enjoy them.

I am going to solve so many mysteries in 2012.

4. Less Jeans. Every time a lady friend says to me, "I feel so fat/frumpy/bloated" they're usually saying it from inside a pair of jeans. The feminist in me says there's nothing wrong with wearing trousers. However, as I get older the realist in me tells her to cool it, and wonders why we think we're going to feel sexy dressed like 19th century gold miners.

No, for real.

I can never find a pair that fit right. Do you know how many hours of my life have been spent screaming in a dressing room? They're always crazy long or way too tight. If I find a pair that aren't too tight, they're shaped like a box. I actually love my body shape, and dresses and skirts were made to flatter our wide hips and tapered legs, not punish them. That's one gender role where we won, a dress is WAY easier than pants with their zippers and buckles and seams that ride high and hard! Heck, most dresses are just tee shirts with a belt. And yet here I am, day after day, in jeans. I am tired of having the silhouette of a gingerbread man. No more.

Here are some highlights from 2011!

Ryan and I got married!

Preston and Kaela got married!

Christine and Will had this
wonderful little lady, Lila!
Tim and Sara got engaged!
Puck came to live with us!
After several months of landing 2-4th place,
we won first place at Trivia!
I started my own small business!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2012 treat you well!


  1. You know what? I wear jeans every time I go out. If I'm going to dinner, going grocery shopping, or visiting family... I always wear jeans! And I'm always uncomfortable. Do you know how much I love dresses? Well, I think that out of everyone in the world you understand how much I love dresses. My husband knows I love them, and he's always telling me to wear one, but I don't own any that I really like all that much. That is going to change this year. It's going to change! BRING ON THE DRESSES!

  2. RIGHT?! Absolutely! I'm tossing my jeans aside, this year I'm going to look fresh and feel pretty! I'm excited that you're inspired too Jaime. We can do this!


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