Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Twelve Days of Halloween, Day Twelve: Costumes!

Without a doubt my favorite part of Halloween is dressing up in an elaborate costume. If I'm not stitching something last minute or pouring over minutely detailed face paint gore, it's just not Halloween. My family has a proud tradition when it comes to costumes. As a child I fondly recall my father putting together remarkable guises and then going out to win the local Halloween costume contests. One year he set a repairman's coveralls on fire, stomped them out, spiked his hair, and walked around with an (unplugged) toaster with a fork in it. My sister and I inherited his love of serious Halloween get ups, and Ryan has proven himself to be a new family member equally devoted to the theatrics of the holiday.

This year Ryan and I went as Rasputin and Tsarina Alexandra. We met up with our friends at a local tavern establishment for Halloween trivia and not only dominated but also enraged other teams by the size of our group.

History in the making.
To be honest, I don't think they had an affair.
Ryan as Rasputin.
And now for the crazy eyes....
Myself as the Tsarina, resting against the Arcade Machine.
(Oh, have I mentioned the Arcade Machine? That's a post for another time).
Rasputin on his way to work.
Rasputin remembers his hat, because it's cold outside.
A profile of my hair.
The detailing of the gown. $14, thank you.
Rasputin and the Tsarina getting ready to go out.
Crazy eyes and the adoration that destroyed a nation.
"Leave Zardoz Alone", second place Halloween Trivia Champions.
(I was on the team too, but I took the photo!)
All tuckered out after a fun Halloween.

I hope you all had a marvelous Halloween, and got to dress up to your heart's content however too old for trick or treating you may be! Thanks for following the Twelve Days of Halloween. I hope you enjoyed it and that I managed to kindle some ghostly holiday spirit for you. It's a little after midnight, November 1st, All Soul's Day or as Ryan keeps insisting "the first day of Christmas". If you'll excuse me, I've got to figure out how the heck to get this giant gown off. (I may or may not be sewn into it).

Happy Halloween!


  1. Very impressive "royal" couple! Glad it all turned out well. At least you missed all the snow on the other side of the country! That weather is now headed our way, but because we are still basking in unaccustomed Mediterranean type heat, the Atlantic is so warm that it's converted the white stuff into rain for us! That's a helluva sight better than snow as far as I'm concerned! Cheers.

  2. what a beautiful couple you two are! You look amazing in your gown! your hair looks lovely too!


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