Saturday, November 05, 2011

Street Fighter's Cammy

I tried finishing my Dr. Strange painting, and immediately ruined it. It's a long story I will share in another post. (Hopefully the post of my triumphant second attempt at Dr. Strange, which I will begin to sketch in about oh, say, twenty minutes. Hey, I gotta share the mess ups now and then too, right?)

I had much more success painting Street Fighter's Cammy.

When you think about it, those braids must take a long time.
A detail of her eyes.

Most folks who play Street Fighter competitively have a 'main' or a character they have worked hours to perfect. Ryan's is Cammy. He's good with several others, but Cammy is who he can win with time and again. As I create these paintings for the upcoming Northwest Majors, there's no way I could leave her out.

My own main is Gen--because I wanted to be certain I could never progress in the game? (The joke is he's a difficult character to master, but I have loved him since Alpha). I will be bringing a painting I did of him last summer to the Northwest Majors too. 

Gen is the coolest.

Here are some images from Capcom games of the characters, so you can see how they are meant to look.

This is just one of her costumes, but I like the colors used.

Four. You have four seconds until she kicks your face.
The only pupils Gen has time for are fighting students.

I'm feeling my painting block slipping back a little. I'm hoping it can drop away entirely as I complete these last few paintings for the Northwest Majors. There is still an illustration of Dr. Strange discovering Rocket Raccoon in a trash can that I am bound and determined to finish.


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