Friday, November 11, 2011

Northwest Majors Art

It's late and we here in the Northwest have a big weekend ahead of us, so this post shall be brief! Today Ryan, Matt, and I wrapped up our artwork for the Northwest Majors. (Ryan may actually still be toiling away on Sentinel as I type). As of right now we're not exactly certain how the art will be shown, it may be placed in the Bring Your Own Console room for some sprucing up power, it may end up in one of the hotel's display cases. Heck, if we're showing them from the inside of a car trunk I'll still be satisfied. It was a lot of fun creating these and seeing the work that others have put together. 

My paintings matted!
As you can see in the upper right corner, I was able to salvage my failed Dr. Strange.

By the power of scissors, I have transformed this 8x10 into a 5x7!

After all the work of painting and matting, I rewarded myself with a very indulgent illustration of Dr. Strange vs Rocket Raccoon. (This is how I entertain myself--ridiculous illustrations). In my wildest dreams, this is how I hope every fight with Rocket Raccoon begins.


Good night folks! If you're in the Northwest and you like gaming, get your bad self down to Seattle this weekend!


  1. Good luck to you all with your displays! Is it me, or have you been so busy and not been blogging as you had been? I've been pretty busy myself, and could have missed some though.

    Good to see you back. Have just finished Brendan Rabbit's replacement and he's off to his new Forever Home in Versailles, France. Blogged about him today, too.

    All the best - as every

  2. Thank you Isobel! It's quite true, I spent this past week in painting mode finishing up some portraits of video game characters and so blogging fell to the wayside. I should be posting a little more regularly over the next couple of weeks.

    Exciting to hear about Brendan's 'brother' on his way to France!


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