Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mustaches and Style

Yesterday shared some of its Mustache Illustration contest's entries, and my illustration was included in the sampling! You can see the post here.

It looks as though a lot of talented and interesting illustrators have entered already. It's wonderful to see the different range of styles!

Style is what has already drawn me (pun unintended Amy, I swear) to illustration. Traditional art is fantastic, don't get me wrong. However while traditional painting often strives to show reality as closely as possible, illustration more reflects the illustrator's own perspective. Colorful splashes of imagination and memory cross the page, detailing the personality and tastes of one sole, unique individual. Everyone's style is different, and a kind of continued portrait of themselves.

Take a caterpillar and two children's illustrators, for instance.

Arthur Rackham has his caterpillar:

And Eric Carle has his:

Both reflect their illustrator and fit their story. And both are beautiful, however different.

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  1. Whilst I'm not a fan of caterpillars, think the illustrations you chose are very amusing! Loved your entry to the competition - hope you're lucky!


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