Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving II!

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving! This year I was thankful for my wonderful husband, our loving families, and our fantastic friends.

Ryan and I enjoyed a great 'first married Thanksgiving'. Last year was our first Thanksgiving, but we were only living in sin back then which puts a damper on every holiday as you field questions from elderly loved ones along the lines of "So, you're going to Hell?"

I woke up at 6 am and enjoyed the tradition of watching the Macy's Day parade with my sister through the magic of online live streaming and text messages. Some people may think it's crazy to get up so early for a parade, but then I tell them about the Thanksgiving I walked four miles from Soho, NY NY to 42nd Street at 8am by myself and managed to sneak into the area where the balloons are held and they quickly realize just what the Macy's Day parade means to me. (And inch away a little). In my defense, when else can you look up and see a giant Garfield in the sky?

And I think to myself "What a wonderful world...".

Gracie and I exchanged a flurry of texts regarding the bands, the floats, the Power Rangers, and promises that one day we will walk in the parade dressed as cupcakes. And then came that magical moment when the crowd went wild and we both knew....

Santa Claus was coming to town.

It doesn't get more baller than this.

Did you know that the Santa at the end of the Macy's Day parade is the real Santa Claus? True story.

The parade ended and finally it was time to make the meal! I really enjoy cooking and baking, and so putting together a holiday spread is my sick idea of a good time.

Elvis guarding me from his perch as I cook.
Sweet potato casserole has reached CRITICAL MASS!
So many helpings of tasty.

I think this will be the last year I use a certain brand of turkey. I won't name it, but I will say it's the one that rhymes with "Gutterball." Our turkey came out tasty, but I was less than pleased with the quality than I have been in the past. Also, for some reason I put it in our fridge--which is not overly icy, just sufficiently chilly like all fridges should be--last Tuesday and yesterday after 9 days it was still frozen solid in some spots. Hence I have concluded that this turkey was 80% injected liquid (and 20% plastic).

But enough about our fascinating ever-frozen turkey!

Our friends Carlos and Stephen came over for the meal, and we played poker and the most wonderful card game "Mao" after dinner. Mao is a Thanksgiving tradition for my friends and I back east. Every Friday after Thanksgiving we would put on our own feast, first with pooled leftovers and as we got older with our own turkey. We called it Thanksgiving II, and as it evolved Thanksgiving II Revenge of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving II Son of Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving 2.5. Often times in the evening of this celebration we would gather to play Mao, the most confusing card game there is. I actually taught this game to Ryan one 4th of July gathering when he was a teenager and I was in college.

Carlos picked up the game with his usual near-terrifying attention to detail and was soon destroying all in his path who dared to delay the game or ask questions. We spent much of the game play imagining how other friends we have in the North West would approach Mao, and in the end decided we need to teach more people.

Today is the first day in nine years that I won't be celebrating the Thanksgiving II event I mentioned before. It does not mark a new tradition, but rather, a year skipped. Next year I would like to throw one, but this year it was not in the cards. I confess I miss it very much, it was a wonderful day for my east coast pals and I. Many of us grew up together from childhood and it was a day of the year we could have our own family holiday and share what we were thankful for. I'll conclude this post with some photographs of Thanksgiving II past and wishes to everyone that you all have a wonderful evening!

The year Destry and I heated mashed potatoes
with a giant high powered flashlight.
Preston and I fight over the comfy armchair.
Amy and I in the kitchen!
The year Chuck handcuffed Preston to a drawer.
(Mikey is searching for the keys in the background).
Destry and Gracie impatiently awaiting dinner.
Hollis has, hands down, the best photo faces.
"A beard off" in the kitchen.
The gents in the living room.
The year there were many tiny cream puffs.
Thanksgiving II 2009


  1. Ahhh, fond memories of leftover begging. I think Chuck referred to Thanksgiving II as the Feast Of Strength.

  2. And Happy Thanksgiving II to you as well, you all knowing sphere you. :D


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