Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Sale!

It's November 16th and I have been struggling to keep Ryan from decorating for Christmas since the morning after Halloween. November 1st he rolled over in bed and whispered, "Wake up, it's the first day of Christmas!" He was gleeful. He wanted to pull out all the holiday decorations, light the tree, and fire up A Muppet Family Christmas.

Ryan enjoying a Santa cookie last year.
He wanted me to make them November 1st too.

"Whoa, pump the brakes," I said. "We're not skipping Thanksgiving."

I was born around Thanksgiving, and so the Macy's Day parade feels like a thing New York City throws for me every year. I love Thanksgiving. When I walk through department stores in November and the Christmas stuff is out, I still feel a warm glow in my heart (heck, I could see Christmas stuff in June and get excited). Christmas music is another story, I do not like to hear that early. Christmas music is special, to me it's for the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas only. I feel like playing it longer than that starts to make it just regular music. I chalk it up to working for Shaws Supermarkets back in college. The moment the Halloween candy was on the discount shelves they started playing holiday tunes, and one year something in the Musak machine went berserk and we had them playing UNTIL VALENTINES DAY.

With all of this reluctance to jump start the holidays I'm going to be honest, I feel a little funny beginning a Christmas sale in my Etsy shop today. However! I totally am, for this simple reason: I have to mail orders out in time for Christmas. I don't want to make my customers or myself all crazy and stressed, frantically awaiting the Mailman with baited breath and tapping feet.

And while I have held off on dancing the electric light tango with the tree, I have been steadily checking off my shopping list. I set a personal goal to have everyone's Christmas present ready on December 1st. Am I going to make it? No way. Will I be close? It's actually looking good. Last year I broke my bank not so much on gifts, (okay a little) but mostly on shipping costs. I famously waited until the last minute to ship gifts across the country and literally paid for it dearly. So, why not let folks buying prints have the same chance to get it done early?

Starting today through January 1st, if you enter the coupon code "SILVERBELLS" you'll get 20% off your purchase at my Etsy store. And no one will fault you if you break into singing as you type "SILVERBELLS", in fact I have done it every time I've typed it this morning. I'm going to type it one more time just so I can. "SILVERBELLS"!

Now I will stop. I don't want Silverbells to be regular music.

I posted some shipping deadlines, and to make it easy I will post them here too.

To ensure your purchase arrives in time for December 25th:

United States: December 12
Canada: December 5
Everywhere else: December 1

Of course you can still order after those dates. It may even still arrive in time after those dates. However, I can't assure the package will arrive in time for December 25th if you purchase beyond those deadlines. So get these orders out of the way now and worry less later!

I bought our turkey yesterday, and I'm going to go gently pat its little frozen shoulder right now so I don't feel quite as guilty. "Don't worry little guy, you're still having your day," I'll say. And its ghost, sitting on another shelf, feathers and all, will dryly reply, "Oh awesome. That really makes me feel better. Tell me again why you tell everyone you have a fake tree because you can't bear the thought of chopping down a real one, but you've eaten 29 of us so far?"

And I'll tap his little ghost nose and chirp, "Because you're delicious." 


  1. lmao- is all I can say. Your writing style is hilarious :)

  2. As usual, agree with all your views on Christmas too early etc! As for chatting to the frozen turkey carcass, that's so amusing- and, if I may say so, so YOU! Hilarious.

    Hope your sale is successful - alas, have no one who would appreciate your artwork (at least this year, anyway). All the best, as usual - and thanks for your recent comments and regular visits to the blog at!


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