Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rhode Island bound.

Opa's obituary was in the Westerly Sun today. You can read it here. They did a lovely job. Friends know I'm not typically a fan of that paper, but I'm really happy with the write up and more importantly I know my Mom is too.

I just booked my flight home. We had some wonderful news this past weekend that got lost a bit in the sad news. Ryan was promoted at work! In addition to the raise and prestige (which are certainly wonderful on their own) we finally have, drum roll, health benefits! I think we were more excited about the health benefits than anything else.

Ryan: "I'm going to go to the dentist every weekend!"
Me: "I'm going to go break my arm JUST TO FEEL ALIVE!"

The unfortunate thing about his promotion though is his first big assignment is Friday morning. Between the work leading up to it and the assignment itself, I will be traveling to Rhode Island solo. Ryan feels terrible, but my Mom told him, "Commitment to hard work is the best way you could honor my Dad right now, Ryan." I agree. I'm only in town for 2-3 days and I'm sad about the circumstances that bring me home. Still, it will be wonderful to see my mother and my family and friends however short the time span is. 


  1. so sorry about your grandfather. My memories of him be treasures in your heart.

    yay for health benefits!


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