Monday, October 03, 2011

My Big Fat Wedding Updates: Wedding Photos

Our wedding photos are in!

Ryan's friend Mike Bucchino of VII Studios took our photos, and he captured the day beautifully if I may say so (it is my wedding, so I might be a little biased!) Here are 25 pictures to sum up the happiest day of our lives, complete with Keith Apicary, a metal bouquet, a ninja, and a ferris wheel!

My bridesmaid Kaela saving the day!
(True story: I'm terrible at painting my nails).
The wind really thought I would look better
with my veil pressed against my face and my hair in my mouth.
My brooch bouquet!
Ryan and his best man, grooms ninja, and usher respectively.
(Megan, Matt, and David).
Nathan Barnatt performing our ceremony as Keith Apicary.
It was a very funny ceremony and I was marrying my soulmate.
Smiling came easy!
That gun is a microphone.
We pinky swore our vows.
What's stronger than a pinky swear?
Exchanging rings....
The big moment!
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Faillace!
What you don't see here is we're about 15 feet in the air on a life guard chair.
The wind gave us a break on this one.
Hello, ocean!
Ninja portrait!
Our kids will ask about this one someday.
And this one.
Keith Apicary, ladies and gentlemen.
The groom facing off against his ninja,
a proud moment for any young bride.
Ryan and his best man, his sister Megan.
My bridesmaid Tim being a good sport
and carrying every parasol we could pile on him.
My Maid of Honor Preston and I, being our ridiculous selves.

All the ladies!
All the gents!
And the little palm grove
where it all took place.

Okay, it was 26 photos. One for good luck! I hope you enjoyed them. It was not a typical wedding to be sure, but it was certainly packed with love, laughter, and joy. If you'd like to see the video, (the episode of Talking Classics with Keith Apicary marrying us!) it is posted right HERE.


  1. What an AMAZING wedding day! I would love to be given a do-over in order to have a ninja as part of my nuptials!

  2. I was amazed how well the ninja fit into the wedding party. Really, every wedding should have one just in case!

  3. Lovely set of memories - and it's particularly nice to see you, after our current convo connections on Etsy! As I said before, all the best for your union - may you be as happy as Peter and I have been since we married in 1969!

  4. I absolutely love this. You seriously had the BEST WEDDING EVER. I'm so happy for you, it looks like you had the most fun and it was a very lovely day. <3

  5. Oh what a truly fun wedding! I read your Oct 7th post first and this post makes me feel ripples of happiness for you.
    wishing joy unbounded for you!

  6. Congratulations!!! I know this is way too late in coming but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You and your hubby look so happy. Best. wedding. ever.


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