Wednesday, October 05, 2011

3 Cheers Sale!

I'm 3 orders away from 200 sales in my Etsy shop!

That might not seem like a lot, but it's a big deal to me. Opening an Etsy shop to sell my prints this past year has been incredibly rewarding, and I don't just mean financially. Connecting with so many creative folks, sharing my work with people beyond friends and family, and mailing prints all over the world has been an amazing experience. The knowledge that I am coming up on doing that 200 times blows me away. I am so happy for this last year, and so hopeful for the year to come!

To celebrate I'm having a sale! Today (and the next few days, until I reach 200) if you order from my shop and enter the coupon code "3cheers20", you'll get 20% off your purchase!

I have been getting the hang of using coupon codes lately, and I really like them. I am mastering them before the holidays. Fellow Etsy shopkeepers, there is a great 'Holiday Boot Camp' happening right now to get us ready for holiday orders! CLICK HERE to read about it. I'm doing my best to follow their steps, as I have found Danielle's advice very helpful in the past. I love the holidays, but they can be stressful enough and this will be the first Christmas I throw running a small business into the mix!

Plus adorable pictures? Am I right?


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