Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three Chipmunks Named Everett

This has been a great week for commissions! I just finished a painting of three chipmunks named Everett enjoying a feast of blueberries and acorns.

Toadstools: Nature's Tiny Tables.
Have a blueberry.
Acorn bowls, for sipping and dipping!
(This clever little guy is storing
snacks for later).

While the original painting is shortly on its way to RI, I have prints for sale HERE in my etsy shop!

Next on the drawing board I have a princess to design, and three very intriguing Canadian geese. (These will not be sharing the same painting, although perhaps one day I will design a Candian goose themed princess for myself). I hope it stays busy!

There's a chill in the air today, and we're beginning to lose leaves from the cherry tree. Autumn dawns on Friday, my favorite season of the year! I can't wait for Halloween costume preparations, scary movies, orange Oreos, (okay, we might have already broken out the orange Oreos) and pumpkin carving. I especially love cozying up to draw and paint when it's cold outside and I can see the leaves racing outside our windows.

Friday will also see the start of another webcomic from me! The Hawker Family is about to find a permanent place in the internet world. I will post more about this, and the link, then!



    Autumn is also my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp smell of the air, the cooler weather, and the changing leaves. I absolutely love it. Unfortunately for me there is no autumn here in Mississippi. It goes straight from summer to winter, and then winter to summer. It skips the best parts of the year. I wish so badly to be back in RI for the autumn to enjoy the cooler weather, to sit with hot cocoa and watch the dead leaves falling off the trees.

    Now I need to blog about how much I love autumn.

  2. Forget the Hawkers!!! Do the other one!!

  3. The other one is coming, I PROMISE (In fact I spent this morning drafting out a new scene). The Hawkers are going to be practice for the other one, so I get ComicPress firmly under my belt before I launch "the other one". I need to really understand posting, tagging, subscriptions, and tracking all that stuff first. And I need to watch a comic posting into a forum with comments and such and how that goes.


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