Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Owl Dahlias

Ryan brought me home a bouquet of lilies and dahlias last night. I have adored lilies all my life, but dahlias may be stealing their way into my heart. What big, beautiful blooms! I clipped a few and tucked them into the owl vase our friend Jackie bought us for the wedding.

Look how proud and jaunty he is
with a few dahlias to guard.
I think it's their petals that captivate me the most, that curling shell curve is lovely. And their range of colors is delightful. The whole apartment smells sublime, but I believe that's the lilies working over time to win our attention away from these big blossom buddies. The dahlias have a very subtle earthy, honey scent.

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  1. I have a solution... mix lilies with dahlias =)



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